Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rick Majerus

  • Rick Majerus, College Basketball Coach, Dies at 64

    Rick Majerus, who never headed the elite programs in college basketball but who became a leading coach, winning more than 500 major-college games, died on Saturday in Los Angeles.

  • Rick Majerus' death felt deeply in Dallas

    Rick Majerus' solitary season on an NBA bench in 1986-87 was spent as a Milwaukee Bucks assistant to head coach Don Nelson and sidekick to then-Bucks assistant Del Harris.

  • Rick Majerus, college basketball coach, dies

    LOUIS (AP) - At Rick Majerus' final stop, the lone concession to the coach's health woes were the footstools stationed at each corner of the practice court.

  • Remembering Rick Majerus: A jovial, sad, complex man

    Rick Majerus' last game was Saint Louis' 65-61 loss to Michigan State in the second round of last season's NCAA tournament.

  • Rick Majerus gave his heart and help

    The Rick Majerus I knew was all heart. His life, all 64 years of it, was a breadcrumb trail of random acts of kindness. I'm not sure I can recall a conversation with him that didn't begin or end with, "How can I help?

  • Rick Majerus' final press conference was funny, sad, perfect, everything

    I wasn't surprised when I heard the news because I knew Rick Majerus wasn't well. Folks in basketball circles had said as much.

  • Rick Majerus: Remembering an outsized life

    It was signed by Al McGuire and Rick Majerus. It was clearly a joke cooked up by Majerus, who was an assistant coach at Marquette at the time, and had been a family friend of my father's since they were young.

  • Warts and all, Rick Majerus was a treasure

    I had known that Rick Majerus was very ill since the summer. I knew his heart was failing and that he was in a tough fight to get his body well enough to deal with the heart issue.

  • Rick Majerus truly was a giant in his field

    It is Saturday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim, there are basketballs bouncing all around me, sneakers squeaking and fans cheering.

  • Rick Majerus, master strategist and one-of-a-kind personality, dies at 64

    Anyone who has followed college basketball the past few decades probably knows a good Rick Majerus story or two. There was the time he promised to quit at Utah if false allegations that freshman Britton Johnson had used a racial slur during the 1998 ...

  • Rick Majerus dies at 64; college basketball coach

    Rick Majerus, the college basketball coach who led Utah to the 1998 NCAA final and had only one losing season in 25 years with four schools, died Saturday.

  • Rick Majerus Former MU coach known as tactician, friend

    Rick Majerus, a Sheboygan native who graduated from Milwaukee Marquette High School and went on to finish a game short of winning the NCAA championship in 1998 while coaching at the University of Utah, died of a heart ailment in California on ...

  • Voices: Rick Majerus remembered

    thsbballpro32: "My two favorite Rick Majerus quotes: On Pitino while at Kentucky: "If we're getting in a sumo ring, he and I, then he's the underdog.

  • Rick Majerus, basketball coaching tactician, dies

    Rick Majerus, who won more than 70% of his games as a men's college basketball coach and took Utah to the 1998 national championship game, died Saturday at age 64.

  • Rick Majerus will be missed

    It was so sad to hear about the passing of former ESPN colleague and one helluva coach Rick Majerus. He will be missed by many.

  • Greenberg remembers Rick Majerus

    Greenberg remembers Rick Majerus. December, 1, 2012. Dec 1. 10:11. PM ET. By Seth Greenberg | Recommend0 · Tweet0 · Comments0 · Email · Print · video.

  • Rick Majerus, a proven winner as a college basketball coach, dies

    Rick Majerus, who had only one losing record in 25 seasons of coaching college basketball, has died. He was 64. Majerus, a usually jovial and often brash coach, had a history of heart problems and said last month that he would not be returning to Saint ...

  • Majerus' Hoops Impact, Friendships Transcended NBA, NCAA Lines

    CHICAGO - Rick Majerus' formal connections to the NBA were modest. He spent one season as an assistant coach on Don Nelson's staff with the Milwaukee Bucks (1986-87), and for a number of years was a TV analyst of the college prospects on NBA Draft ...

  • Rick Majerus did it his way, always

    To walk away from the biography of Rick Majerus' life and see just a basketball coach is to miss the broader picture. Here was a man whose parents challenged him to think at every turn, taking him to civil rights marches and union rallies.

  • Rick Majerus remembered for teaching ability, selflessness

    Among the many surprises Rick Majerus sprung on me when we met for lunch on a sunny February day nearly two years ago was his insistence that he drive.

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