Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rita Ora

  • Rob Kardashian trashes ex Rita Ora in Twitter tirade, claims he got her ...

    Rob Kardashian took to Twitter early Monday morning to slam an ex-girlfriend - reportedly Rita Ora, though he never mentions her by name - and didn't care who saw.


  • Rita Ora Cheated on Rob Kardashian With "20 Dudes," Reality Star Claims

    Rob Kardashian is lighting up Twitter following his recent breakup with Rita Ora, claiming the British singer-songwriter cheated on him with like 20 guys.


  • Rob Kardashian Claims Rita Ora Cheated on Him With '20 Dudes'

    In the words of Rita Ora, "R.I.P" to her relationship with Rob Kardashian. But the reality star is not letting the split go peacefully.


  • Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora finished? Star claims she cheated with nearly 20 ...

    It appears that the star of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has officially called off his budding romance with singer Rita Ora. Taking to his personal Twitter account on Monday, Rob stated "She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were ...


  • Rita Ora's Biggest Pet Peeve Isn't Rob Kardashian, It's Kitten Heels (PHOTOS)

    Contrary to what Rob Kardashian may think, Rita Ora is winning, and continues to do so from the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK.


  • Rita Ora Covers Glamour UK January 2013

    Her music career continues to bloom and now Rita Ora is gracing the cover of Glamour UK's January 2013 issue. The 22-year-old singer rocked a darling Christian Dior dress for the front page shoot while opening up about everything from her music career ...


  • Rita Ora Stung by Rob Kardashian Nasty Tweet Nightmare (photos)

    celebrities Rita Ora Stung by Rob Kardashian Nasty Tweet Nightmare (photos) British singer Rita Ora didn't know what she was getting into when she started dating Rob Kardashian.


  • Rob Kardashian BLASTS Rita Ora; The SHOCKING Pregnancy Allegation ...

    Following Rob Kardashian's CRAZY Twitter rant on his break-up with Rita Ora, Kim's baby bro made another OUTRAGEOUS claim through the social networking site.


  • Did Rob Kardashian get Rita Ora pregnant in cheating scandal?

    4, Rob is continuing to make some startling claims. He claims that Rita Ora let him get her pregnant! The comments were deleted, as his sister Khloe Kardashian told him to calm down and stop tweeting about his personal drama, as his messages were hurtful.


  • Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian Breakup: Drama Continues as Rob Claims She Let ...

    According to U.K.'s The Daily Mail, after a fake Twitter account pretending to be Rita Ora posted, "Rob's dick was wack, I had to go get it somewhere else," Rob reportedly fired back, "So you let me get you pregnant and you let others hit raw?


  • Royals, Redskins and Rita Ora are fascinating the Internet this morning

    British singer Rita Ora is taking a beating in social media after her oh-so-classy ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian accused her of sleeping with 20 other dudes while they were dating.


  • Rita Ora & Rob Kardashian Break Up: Long Distance Made It 'Impossible'

    Rita Ora and her boyfriend Rob Kardashian reportedly broke up after being linked together for several months, though both parties never publicly confirmed their relationship.


  • Rob Kardashian Claims He Got Rita Ora Pregnant

    After Rob sent out a flurry of tweets Monday morning claiming that Rita Ora cheated on him with 20 guys, she hit back with a vulgar insult, which led to Rob's claim that he had gotten the 22-year-old pregnant.


  • Rob Kardashian on Rita Ora controversy: 'I never mentioned her name'

    Rob Kardashian has suggested that Rita Ora was not the subject of several controversial tweets in which he condemned an ex-girlfriend.


  • Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian Split: Singer Claims Schedule, Not Cheating, Led To ...

    Rita Ora claims her split from Rob Kardashian had nothing to do with her infidelity. Instead, in an interview with British Glamour magazine, Rita Ora claimed the two broke up because of her hectic schedule. 'I'm not going out with Rob," Ora told the ...


  • Rita Ora - Rita Ora split from Rob Kardashian months ago

    Rita Ora has claimed she split from her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian months ago because she is too busy with her career to commit to a man.


  • Rita Ora - Hell Hath No Fury Like A Kardashian Scorned - Rita Ora Says She ...

    The latest couple to forget just how many thousands of people are watching, is Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian. The pair, who always remained pretty coy about their relationship until a few months ago, recently split and it looks as though Rob is pretty ...


  • Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora Break Up? Reality Star Accuses Girlfriend Of Cheating ...

    Reality star sibling Rob Kardashian is a single man after breaking up with a woman -- rumored to be singer Rita Ora -- who he claims cheated on him with 20 different men.


  • Rob Kardashian Continues To Blast Rita Ora For Cheating

    Rita Ora has been pretty secretive about her relationship with Rob Kardashian, brushing off questions about their status over the past few months, but this morning a set of scathing tweets from Kardashian seemed to confirm that the couple was ...


  • Rita Ora: I dumped Rob Kardashian weeks ago

    RITA Ora claims she dumped Rob Kardashian weeks before he launched into a bitter Twitter rant against her. Rob accused the singer of cheating on him with "20 dudes" in an astonishing online assault yesterday.


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