Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katt Williams

  • Katt Williams, amid rocky tour, says he's quitting stand-up comedy

    What the heck is up with Katt Williams? The comedian on Monday told a Seattle TV station that he's quitting his chosen profession.

  • Comedian Katt Williams announces retirement following Seattle arrest (video)

    Comedian Katt Williams announced the end of his stand-up comedy career Monday, following a series of incidents in Seattle that landed him in jail.

  • Woodland Target employee allegedly punched by Katt Williams fired same day

    The Woodland Target employee who was allegedly punched by comedian Micah "Katt" Williams was fired from the chain store hours later.

  • Katt Williams evaded arrest after leading police on motorbike chase in ...

    Comedian Katt Williams is in hot water with California's state capitol police after he drove his three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk and led police on a chase that was later called off to protect bystanders, authorities said on Wednesday.

  • Katt Williams Slap Victim Gets Fired!

    It was NOT a Happy Slapsgiving Thanksgiving weekend for Forrest Liebenberg! First he got slapped so hard by comedian Katt Williams that his face swelled up! Then a video of the slap went viral! But what happened next was completely unexpected!

  • Pimp in Distress: Katt Williams is dying before our eyes and all we see is how ...

    That's what it felt like trying to weed through all the comments of the repeatedly shared video of Katt Williams announcing his retirement from stand-up comedy today.

  • Katt Williams retiring from stand-up comedy: 'I'm kinda done'

    Follow @HarperJen on Twitter | Google+ Google. katt-williams-arrested-mugshot-retiring-comedian-pics-photo- Comedian Katt Williams says he's calling it quits on his stand-up career on the heels of his arrest Sunday (Dec. 2) following a bar fight in ...

  • Katt Williams Retiring from Comedy After Wild Seattle Weekend

    While Lindsay Lohan may have grabbed most of the headlines for her crazy-ass weekend, Katt Williams was quietly showing LiLo up over in Seattle.

  • Katt Williams Retiring?

    Katt Williams Retiring? 04:31 PM Tuesday 12/4/12 | | Tweet · Katt Williams' ongoing trials and tribulations became even more bizarre this week in Seattle when the comedian told a local TV station that he's retiring from doing stand-up comedy.

  • Katt Williams: A Timeline Of Bad Behavior, Assault, Legal Woes

    Katt Williams may be having the worst year ever. From pimp slapping a Target employee (and escaping in a motorized shopping cart) to police chases and arrests, the comedian continues to grab headlines with his perpetual bizarre behavior.

  • Katt Williams Kicked Out of Hotel, Shows Off Bloody Knuckles and "Busted Up ...

    Well, at least Katt Williams wasn't arrested again. But the comedian did confirm to that he was kicked out of the Courtyard Marriott near Lake Union on Monday evening, just hours after he was released from jail following his arrest last ...

  • Katt Williams quits comedy, officially retires

    Katt Williams is quitting comedy, as the popular comedian spoke with KOMO News on Sunday to announce is his immediate retirement from comedy.

  • Katt Williams retires: Comedian also plans lawsuit

    Katt Williams has retired... or, at least, that's what he says. The comedian has been in the news a lot lately—like for crazy police chases—and now he says he's leaving the game for good.

  • TMZ Live: Katt Williams Goes SUH-LAPP ... and Then Gets Arrested

    (0:00) Katt Williams is giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money in the arrest department -- we the crazy details on his latest arrest ... plus video of him slapping the crap out of a Target employee. (5:45) Kate Middleton is pregnant! Which is great ...

  • Katt Williams Busted in Seattle After Bar Fight

    Katt Williams is apparently having trouble keeping his cool these days. The comic was nabbed Sunday afternoon in Seattle after getting into a heated dispute with a patron at a local bar.

  • Katt Williams hangs up his comedy gloves

    Katt Williams has had it. The embattled comic announced he's retiring from his stand-up career. According to an article published by E!Online on Tuesday, Williams told KOMO-4 News in Los Angeles that "I've discussed it with my kids, I wasn't gonna do ...

  • Comedian Katt Williams kicked out of South Lake Union hotel

    The last few days Micah "Katt" Williams has spent in Seattle have already been interesting: He didn't show up for a Thursday night stand-up routine at the Paramount Theatre, he allegedly threatened people at a sports bar, his tour manager Suge Knight ...

  • Katt Williams arrested after alleged bar rampage

    LOS ANGELES ( - Katt Williams didn't have much to laugh about this weekend after the comedian was arrested in Seattle, following an incident at a bar during which Williams allegedly attacked a woman with a cigarette, according to the ...

  • Katt Williams Slap Victim -- Target FIRED ME Over the Incident

    The Target employee who was PIMP SLAPPED in the face by Katt Williams says he's been FIRED from his job ...even though HE was the one who was attacked.

  • Katt Williams arrested again

    Embattled comedian Katt Williams ran into trouble with the law again on Sunday when he was arrested in Washington. The funnyman was held by cops after he was allegedly involved in a vicious bar fight in Seattle.

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