Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rita Ora

  • Rob Kardashian on Rita Ora Twitter Diss: I Never Trashed Her (By Name, That Is)

    Did Rob Kardashian trash his supposed ex-girlfriend Rita Ora in an angry tweet on Monday? Not if you ask him. The 25-year-old reality star-turned-sock designer took to his Twitter page today to smack down reports that the target of his ire was the hip ...


  • After Rita Ora Rant, Rob Kardashian Treats Himself To A Manicure

    It's always incredible to see how humans beings rebound after heartbreak, but after going on two separate Twitter rants yesterday, airing out his ex-girlfriend Rita Ora, we thought it'd take more than a mani/pedi to make Rob Kardashian feel better. But ...


  • 'It didn't work because I was never there': Rita Ora on the REAL reason she ...

    She's been hitting the headlines this week thanks to a very public Twitter row with her now ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian. But as she posed for a stunning new shoot in Glamour magazine, Rita Ora has opened up about the real reasons for their relationship ...


  • Rob Kardashian Shares More On Rita Ora Split: 'You Let Me Get You Pregnant'

    Rob Kardashian isn't done spilling details about his split from Rita Ora, as the famous brother took to Twitter to let followers know that he once got her pregnant.


  • Rob Kardashian Disses Ex-Girlfriend Rita Ora On Twitter Again

    Rob Kardashian went on a shocking Twitter rant against his ex Rita Ora on Dec. 3, writing, "She cheated on me with nearly 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart.


  • Rob Kardashian, Rita Ora Break Up? Reality Star Accuses Girlfriend Of Cheating ...

    Reality star sibling Rob Kardashian is a single man after breaking up with a woman -- rumored to be singer Rita Ora -- who he claims cheated on him with 20 different men.


  • Robert Kardashian and Rita Ora Break Up; Rob Calls Her a Cheater on Twitter ...

    It seems like he's gotten his heart broken by Rita Ora! The couple made it official about a month ago and from the looks of his Twitter page, they aren't together anymore.


  • Rob Kardashian in second Rita Ora rant: "You let me get you pregnant"

    Rob Kardashian has gone one step further in his Twitter rant following his break up from Rita Ora and as well as alleging she cheated on him with 20 blokes, he now appears to have claimed that he got the singer pregnant.


  • Rob Kardashian Publicly Accuses Rita Ora of Cheating, Deletes Tweets

    The reality star and sock designer recently split with his rumored girlfriend, singer Rita Ora, and was a little too forthcoming with details about their split on Twitter.


  • Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian Break Up

    A member of the Kardashian clan is experiencing some serious romance issues, but it's not one of the usual suspects. After a few months as an item, British pop star Rita Ora and reality star Rob Kardashian called it quits. Kardashian went public with ...


  • Rita Ora, Rob Kardashian Breakup: Reality TV Star Claims Singer Cheated on ...

    "R.I.P." to Rita Ora and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star Rob Kardashian's short-lived romance.


  • Rita Ora's "Rob's D**k Was Whack!" Tweet Not Legit

    Rita Ora has been quiet on Twitter despite some rather strong allegations being made about her character by ex-boyfriend, Robert Kardashian.


  • Rob Kardashian accuses Rita Ora of cheating on him with '20 dudes'

    Rob Kardashian and Rita Ora were once notoriously private about their relationship, that was of course until they broke up.


  • 'I'm actually disgusted!' Rob Kardashian splits from Rita Ora as he claims ...

    Rob Kardashian has split from pop star Rita Ora amid outrageous claims she cheated on him with 'more than 20 dudes'.


  • Rob Kardashian: Splits And Deletes Tweets About Rita Ora Allegedly Cheating

    Rob Kardashian, a cast member on "Keeping Up The Kardashians," deleted a series of explosive tweets on Tuesday that he fired off about his reported breakup with singer Rita Ora and her allegedly cheating on him. The 25-year-old deleted the tweets he ...


  • Rob Kardashian BLASTS Ex-Girlfriend Rita Ora On Twitter! Accuses Her Of ...

    Rob Kardashian Rita Ora Split Twitter Rant. Sounds like there might've been a little too much partying and bullshittery going on!


  • Rob Kardashian Deletes Tweets About Split With Rita Ora

    The deleted tweet is likely little solace to Rita Ora. Kardashian's rant against her was picked up by several news outlets, and screencaps of his tweets remain available for all to see.


  • Rob Kardashian Accuses Rita Ora of Cheating

    Rob Kardashian has split with his girlfriend Rita Ora and he has taken to his Twitter account to reveal how she cheated on him.


  • Rita Ora's ex Rob Kardashian: That woman cheated on me with 20 dudes

    ROB Kardashian has seemingly launched an astonishing attack on Rita Ora following their break-up, accusing her of cheating on him with "20 dudes".


  • Rob Kardashian dumps Rita Ora after she allegedly 'gives up her body to over ...

    For the majority of the world who didn't know that Rita Ora was going out with Keith Rob Kardashian (or who either are anyway), this will be no surprise whatsoever - they've split up after the singer allegedly spent much of the last year on tour ...


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