Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rick Majerus

  • Utah to hang Rick Majerus sweater

    SALT LAKE CITY -- University of Utah officials will honor the legacy of Rick Majerus by hanging a replica of his trademark white sweater from the rafters at the basketball arena where he coached from 1989 to 2004 and regularly led the Utes to the NCAA ...


  • Utah to hang Rick Majerus sweater in tribute

    Rick Majerus was brilliant and obsessive. He was a beloved and dedicated friend, and a (by many accounts) a total jerk to work and play for.


  • Coach Rick Majerus dies at 64

    ST. LOUIS -- At Rick Majerus' final stop, the lone concession to the coach's health woes were the footstools stationed at each corner of the practice court.


  • Jeff Roberson/AP

    When news of Rick Majerus' death Saturday night started to spread, an emptiness sunk in. It wasn't that Majerus' passing was altogether unexpected.


  • Rick Majerus Dies Saturday Awaiting Heart Transplant; Former Coach Was ...

    Rick Majerus, one of the most popular college basketball coaches to step on the floor, died Saturday in Los Angeles at 64 while awaiting a heart transplant.


  • Warts and all, Rick Majerus was a treasure

    I had known that Rick Majerus was very ill since the summer. I knew his heart was failing and that he was in a tough fight to get his body well enough to deal with the heart issue.


  • Losing Coach Rick Majerus Hurts College Basketball

    Rick Majerus, the rotund, ailing, gym-addicted college basketball coach whose fun-loving personality was infectious, died Saturday of heart failure in Los Angeles, where he had been hospitalized for several months.


  • Rick Majerus did it his way, always

    To walk away from the biography of Rick Majerus' life and see just a basketball coach is to miss the broader picture. Here was a man whose parents challenged him to think at every turn, taking him to civil rights marches and union rallies.


  • Coach Rick Majerus led with his heart on and off the court

    Rick Majerus was at the top of his game in the spring of 2000, so it was a coup to get him as a speaker for the Chicago Tribune's annual Preps Plus banquet honoring high-achieving scholar-athletes from the Chicago area.


  • Breakfast Buffet: Rick Majerus' death inspires a flood of poignant tributes

    1. It's a testament to the man Rick Majerus was that his death inspired so many incredible pieces of writing over the weekend.


  • College basketball's Rick Majerus, who coached at Marquette, Ball State, Utah ...

    Rick Majerus, one of the finest technical minds in history of college basketball and one of the game's quirky and jovial personalities, died Saturday afternoon at 64.


  • Remembering Rick Majerus, college basketball's clown prince

    The Washington Post. Beneath the clown's mask that Rick Majerus wore so willingly beat the damaged heart of a man who made others laugh often but rarely found real happiness himself.


  • Tom Izzo pays tribute to Rick Majerus

    Fans pause during a moment of silence for Saint Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus before the start of an NFL football game between the St. Louis Rams and the San Francisco 49ers Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012, in St. Louis.


  • Blog: The Life and Death of Rick Majerus

    The first time I saw Rick Majerus in person, he was sitting in seldom-used end-court bleachers that had been wheeled into position for a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association Class C basketball sectional at my high school alma mater's field house.


  • Rick Majerus: Legendary Utah coach 'just loved basketball'

    Rick Majerus, the basketball coach who took the University of Utah to the 1998 national championship game, died Saturday in Los Angeles at age 64 while awaiting a heart transplant, according to his longtime friend, philanthropist Jon M. Huntsman Sr.


  • Rick Majerus Dies: Legendary College Basketball Coach Dead Of Heart Attack ...

    Majerus, who led Utah to the 1998 NCAA final and had only one losing season in his 25 total years of coaching, died Saturday at age 64, The Associated Press reported.


  • Rick Majerus gave his heart and help

    The Rick Majerus I knew was all heart. His life, all 64 years of it, was a breadcrumb trail of random acts of kindness. I'm not sure I can recall a conversation with him that didn't begin or end with, "How can I help?


  • Funeral services set for Rick Majerus

    MILWAUKEE - Fans and friends will remember former Marquette basketball coach Rick Majerus at a funeral on the Marquette University campus.


  • Utah basketball: Utes to retire the late Rick Majerus sweater to arena rafters

    He announced that the late Rick Majerus, the Utes former head basketball coach who passed away this past Saturday due to complications related to heart failure, would indeed have his sweater retired in the rafters of the Jon M. Huntsman Center.


  • Eustachy reflects on Rick Majerus shaping his career

    In this March 30, 1998, file photo, Utah coach Rick Majerus watches the action in the second half of the NCAA men's Final Four championship NCAA college basketball game at the Alamodome in San Antonio.


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