Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kate Middleton

  • Kate Middleton's Hospital Falls for Prank Call

    The hospital where Kate Middleton is battling acute nausea fell for a prank call from an Australian radio show, revealing to the royal impersonators that Kate is "quite stable" and hasn't "had any retching.

  • Celebrity Week In Review: Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Taylor Holds Hands With ...

    In one of the most highly anticipated moments of the year, Kate Middleton and Prince William announced they were expecting their first child this week!

  • How Long Will Kate Middleton Be in Hospital?

    Two radio deejays got through to the hospital ward where kate middleton is staying and spoke to a nurse about... See More. Now, to the news breaking overnight.

  • Holly Madison and Kate Middleton hospitalized for morning sickness

    It seems both Kate Middleton and Holly Madison are experiencing trouble with their baby bumps this week, though Madison is much farther along in her pregnancy than her Royal Highness.

  • Kate Middleton's Pregnancy: Expect Sales Bump for Maternity Clothiers and ...

    The news that the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton, and Prince William are expecting their first child is welcome news for anyone connected to the booming baby business.

  • Wednesday Words: Kate Middleton's Condition, Sandwich Slang and More

    Royalwatchers are wringing their hands over the officially pregnant Kate Middleton, who is currently hospitalized with a condition that the media has taken to calling "acute morning sickness.

  • Kate Middleton 'Feeling Better' But Stays In Hospital

    09:37, Wednesday, 5 December 2012. Kate Middleton is said to be 'feeling better' after she was taken to hospital with morning sickness earlier this week.

  • Kate Middleton, Like Princess Diana, Expected to Skip Palace Birth

    When it comes to giving birth, Kate Middleton will likely follow the example of Princess Diana, who bucked the royal tradition of palace births in favor of welcoming her sons into the world at a hospital.

  • Jennifer Aniston Follows In Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Footsteps?

    O Rly?! OMG!! Does this mean they're gonna bake royal crumpets together and sip tea while they choose baby names?? LOLz!! According to inTouch, Jennifer Aniston is PREGNANT just like Kate Middleton! FINALLY… BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!! It's like a ...

  • Pregnant Kate Middleton Feeling Better After Second Day in Hospital, Palace Says

    Kate Middleton is "continuing to feel better" as she spends her second day at King Edward VII Hospital in London, according to St. James Palace.

  • Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins? Here's Which One Would Get the Throne ...

    After all, the poor mother-to-be Kate Middleton has been struck with a condition called hyperemesis gravadarum. Also known as extreme morning sickness, it can—can—indicate twins.

  • Kate Middleton is feeling much better, Prince William by her side: #royalbaby ...

    Pregnant Kate Middleton is reported to be feeling much better since she was admitted to hospital with acute morning sickness.

  • Massie: Why are Americans so obsessed with Kate Middleton's pregnancy?

    Consider, too, that Twain never had the pleasure of witnessing American morning television and its ridiculous habit of fawning over, successively, Prince William's engagement, his marriage to Kate Middleton and now, the happy news that the next stage ...

  • My Life With Kate's Illness

    I'm sad to say the news that Kate Middleton is in hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum or "HG" brought me a moment of comfort.

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  • Kate Middleton hospital victim of radio station prank

    LONDON -- The British hospital treating the former Kate Middleton admitted Wednesday it was victimized by a crank call in which information on her condition was given out to a woman impersonating Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Kate Middleton pregnant Security scare: Kate Middleton nurse reveals medical ...

    Pregnant Kate Middleton was at the centre of an astonishing security scare this morning after a nurse unwittingly revealed intimate details of her condition to an Australian radio station in a prank call.

  • Kate Middleton's Baby Bump and Bangs

    And we're all worried about Kate Middleton's sudden trip to the hospital for acute morning sickness after playing field hockey on the new artificial turf at St. Andrews School to celebrate St. Andrew's Day (I particularly love the picture of her upper ...

  • Author: Surviving Kate Middleton's 's pregnancy disease was a test of faith

    Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, centre, plays hockey during her visit to St. Andrew's School, where she attended school from 1986 to 1995, in Pangbourne, England on Nov. 30, 2012.

  • Snooki gives pregnant Kate Middleton baby advice (yes, really)

    So there is little chance Kate Middleton will be giving reality television personality Snooki a call for pregnancy tips any time soon.

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