Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kate Middleton

  • Kate Middleton 'feeling better' as she remains in the hospital to be treated ...

    Pregnant Kate Middleton is "feeling better" after spending her second day hospitalized by severe morning sickness with her prince of a husband by her side, a St James' Palace spokesman said Tuesday.


  • Holly Madison and Kate Middleton hospitalized for morning sickness

    It seems both Kate Middleton and Holly Madison are experiencing trouble with their baby bumps this week, though Madison is much farther along in her pregnancy than her Royal Highness.


  • Kate Middleton to Remain in the Hospital 'Several Days' More

    Kate Middleton is spending her second day at King Edward VII Hospital in London after she was admitted following the announcement that she was pregnant and she may have to stay there at least several more days.


  • Kate Middleton pregnant: Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry set for new role as ...

    And now Prince Harry and Kate's sister, socialite Pippa Middleton, are favourite to become godparents to their child.


  • Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, pregnant with her first child, palace ...

    KATE Middleton's severe morning sickness could be a sign she is expecting royal twins. If so, the first born would be heir to the throne.


  • Kate Middleton's Fetus Is Palace Property

    Kate Middleton's Fetus Is Palace Property Someone in the office recently quipped, "When does England recognize Kate Middleton's zygote/fetus as a royal? They must have a policy, no?" The knee-jerk reaction was of course the zygote is a royal. Kate is a ...


  • Read this: Kate Middleton's elite morning sickness; Roger Ailes's message to ...

    (Chris Jackson/Getty Images) Only 1 percent of women get a case of morning sickness as nasty as Kate Middleton is suffering, reports our colleague Anthony Faiola.


  • Kate Middleton hospitalized with extreme morning sickness: How bad was yours?

    "Hyperemesis gravidarum, the reason newly pregnant Kate Middleton is in the hospital, is a rare but acute morning sickness that results in weight loss and accounts for about 2 percent of all morning sickness, doctors say.


  • Taylor Swift's New Boyfriend Isn't Harry Styles, It's Kate Middleton's Unborn ...

    Taylor Swift and Harry Styles may have been a cute couple for four minutes, but as soon as Britain's royal family announced that Kate Middleton was pregnant, a countdown started in the world's collective consciousness: It's only a matter of time until ...


  • Pregnant Kate Middleton "Better," Remains Hospitalized After Royal Baby News

    Not long after the Duke of Cambridge paid a second visit to his pregnant and hospitalized Kate Middleton comes word direct from the palace itself that things are already looking up for the duchess.


  • Kate Middleton's HORRIFYING Morning Sickness Scare: An Update!

    Kate Middleton might have endured what seemed like one of the nastiest morning sickness scares in royal history, but gurl is fighting it with ALL her might!


  • Why Kate Middleton's pregnancy is big news in America (+video)

    This former colony has been riveted by the royal news that the former Kate Middleton is pregnant - perhaps as much as Britain, where such regal developments are taken in stride.


  • Kate Middleton hospitalized for acute morning sickness

    Kate Middleton hospitalized for acute morning sickness. It was a much-anticipated announcement: Princess Kate is expecting her first child - but the joy accompanying her closely guarded secret was tempered by a potentially dangerous health condition.


  • Snooki Gives Kate Middleton Pregnancy Advice

    As the baby news about Kate Middleton made headlines on Monday, new mommy Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is giving the duchess some parenting advice.


  • Kate Middleton Pregnancy Sparks Media Frenzy (PHOTOS)

    Thank God for Kate Middleton. That's what British newspapers must have been saying to themselves as they raced to trumpet the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with the heir to the throne.


  • Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Prince William Visits Wife Again in London Hospital

    Prince William paid a visit to Kate Middleton Tuesday at London's King Edward VII private hospital. The pregnant duchess was admitted Monday for hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness that carries the risk of dehydration.


  • Why a Pregnant Kate Middleton is in the Hospital

    After months of speculation, Kate Middleton is finally, officially, pregnant. And she can't even enjoy it. Middleton is tethered to an IV in King Edward VII Hospital in London, where she's spending her second day being treated for symptoms that match ...


  • Kate Middleton Is Pregnant and Has Hyperemesis Gravidarum?What Is It?

    The happy news for the British monarchy is that Kate Middleton, the duchess of Cambridge, is with child—a potential heir to the throne.


  • Kate Middleton pregnant: Duchess of Cambridge expecting with husband Prince ...

    The future king and his beautiful bride surprised Queen Elizabeth and her subjects Monday with the news that the couple is expecting an heir to the British throne.


  • Pregnant Kate Middleton doing 'better' but will continue stay in hospital to ...

    Kate Middleton is feeling better but will spend at least one more night in a hospital after being admitted for severe morning sickness.


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