Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bob Costas

  • Did Bob Costas overstep his bounds with his gun commentary? Does politics ...

    NEW YORK - Clearly, Bob Costas stirred up a hornet's nest Sunday with a halftime commentary about Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher, who killed his girlfriend (and the mother of his child) before killing himself.

  • Jovan Belcher, Bob Costas and theories of causation

    So, in light of all this evidence, what did Bob Costas conclude about Belcher's acts of murder and suicide? When Costas took to the airwaves with his commentary, did he blame out-of-wedlock childbirth?

  • Bob Costas talks guns in interview with Lawrence O'Donnell

    In his first interview since making controversial remarks about guns during "Sunday Night Football," NBC sportscaster elaborated on his comments in an appearance on MSNBC's "The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell.

  • Bob Costas addresses 'mistake' and gun control

    NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas says it was a "mistake" to mention gun control on air Sunday in discussing the murder-suicide committed by Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher because his choice of words "left it open for too much miscommunication ...

  • Bob Costas: US Needs 'More Comprehensive, More Sensible Gun Control' Laws

    Sportscaster Bob Costas says some people "misunderstood" his comments about Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide during "Sunday Night Football" this weekend, but he stands by his stance that gun laws need to change.

  • Bob Costas and the rush to talk about nothing

    When Bob Costas did his usual halftime act Sunday Night, I asked people at SB Nation to grab the video for a post in the morning.

  • NBC's Bob Costas calls for gun control, cites Aurora shooting

    Appearing on MSNBC Tuesday night, Bob Costas attempted to clarify his remarks on gun control, but ended up causing even more controversy when he mentioned the Aurora theater shooting and what he called America's "gun culture" while advocating for ...

  • Bob Costas says gun control segment a bad choice in allotted time frame

    NBC broadcaster Bob Costas says he erred in trying to take on too complex a subject in too tight of a time frame with his gun-control commentary during halftime of Sunday Night Football—a piece that created considerable controversy in the wake of the ...

  • Bob Costas gun commentary makes crazy Ted Nugent angry

    "We thought Bob Costas was smarter than that. Only fools blame tools instead of human failings. Shame Bob. Blaming guns for crime is like blaming helmuts for headbutts.

  • Bob Costas calls Jovan Belcher commentary "a mistake"

    Bob Costas said he made a "mistake," violating his own rule of not trying to compress a nuanced topic into small bit of air time, with his controversial halftime commentary Sunday night on the murder-suicide committed by Jovan Belcher of the Kansas ...

  • Did Costas overstep his bounds with gun comments?

    NEW YORK (AP) - Clearly, Bob Costas stirred up a hornet's nest Sunday with a halftime commentary about Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher, who killed his girlfriend (and the mother of his child) before killing himself.

  • Bob Costas wishes he had more time to talk

    NEW YORK - Bob Costas isn't backing down from his halftime comments on gun violence, but he wishes he had more time. The NBC sportscaster gave interviews Tuesday to Dan Patrick and Lawrence O'Donnell about his Sunday-night halftime commentary ...

  • The Shill Becomes a Journalist: How Bob Costas Finally Took Advantage of His ...

    Taking potshots at Bonnie Bob Costas, America's premier sports broadcaster, is a national pastime almost as popular as the spectacles he fronts.

  • Bob Costas says he made a 'mistake' while talking about gun control at ...

    NBC Sports announcer Bob Costas said Tuesday that he made a "mistake" when he talked about gun control during halftime of Sunday's Eagles-Cowboys game in the wake of the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide in Kansas City.

  • Bob Costas' controversial discussion on gun violence

    Former presidential candidate Herman Cain called Bob Costas an idiot. A staffer for Gov. Mitt Romney called the comments embarrassing and said NBC and Costas should be ashamed.

  • Bob Costas Learns the Right Time to Talk About Guns in America: Never

    Bob Costas is very, very silly man. The pro football world is still reeling from the tragedy in Kansas City, where 25-year-old Chiefs' linebacker Jovan Belcher shot his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, the mother of their infant child, and then drove to ...

  • NBC's Bob Costas' take on criticism of his gun comments

    Comments. costas12032012. NBC's Bob Costas appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to clarify his comments from the halftime segment during the Sunday night NFL game between the Cowboys and Eagles.

  • Goldberg: Bob Costas concerned about 'gun culture' in US

    So, you heard Bob Costas last night at halftime, talking about the gun situation as it relates to the Kansas City Chiefs guy.

  • Jovan Belcher: Bob Costas clarifies comments, Chiefs talk about guns

    As a spokesman for Bob Costas elaborated on his controversial commentary on guns, members of the Kansas City Chiefs described their feelings about gun ownership in the aftermath of the shocking murder and suicide committed by Chiefs linebaker Jovan ...

  • Bob Costas advocates gun control during half time show. Did he cross a line?

    NBC broadcaster Bob Costas used his halftime segment on "Sunday Night Football" to advocate for gun control following this weekend's murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, causing an immediate debate on social media.

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