Sunday, December 2, 2012


  • Powerball winning numbers: Powerball jackpot rises to $50 million (Video)

    The Powerball winning numbers for Saturday, Dec. 1 are 3, 10, 19, 36, 46 and PB (red ball) 3. The jackpot for this draw is $40 million.

  • Powerball winners "stunned" at $588 million win

    Surrounded by family and friends, the two were introduced Friday as winners in this week's huge Powerball lottery - an extraordinary stroke of luck that gives them half of the $588 million jackpot.

  • Nolan Daniels Powerball hoax smashes Facebook record

    Facebook user Nolan Daniels, an Arizona software engineer, purports to be holding one of two winning tickets from Wednesday's record Powerball jackpot. The photo is a hoax. (Photo provided) ...

  • Columbus Officers Split $1M After Powerball Win

    It wasn't for the $588 million jackpot, but a group of Columbus police officers will split $1 million from a winning Powerball ticket they purchased at a gas station near Grandview Heights. Lt. Kevin Conley was among about two dozen officers who pooled ...

  • Clark: Blame my Powerball ticket for symphony strife

    The winning Powerball tickets were sold in Arizona and Missouri. Curses. I planned to use my winning ticket to solve the financial woes of my hometown's classical music scene and enrich the lives of our wonderful symphony musicians.

  • $1 Million Powerball prizes sold in Dallas and Houston claimed

    (AUSTIN) - All four $1 million prizes from Wednesday's record Powerball® drawing have been claimed. Abraham Chavira and Kathleen H. Komatinsky both claimed their prizes at the Texas Lottery® claim center in Houston, and Betty S. Galloway claimed her ...

  • Bob Shryock: How about that $588M Powerball lottery?

    I don't play any of the lotteries much these days, figuring my chances to win are about as good as getting a date with Carrie Underwood or breaking par at Pine Valley.

  • U.S. lottery results: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Ohio

    In light of the massive Powerball jackpot, the California Lottery Commission voted unanimously to bring the multi-state game to the Golden State.

  • Powerball winners introduced to the nation: 'We're still stunned by what happened'

    The Hill family of Dearborn, Mo., who won half of the jackpot worth $587.5 million, appeared at a press conference on Friday with six-year-old Jaiden, who was adopted from China, clutching a stuffed horse as her parents were handed an oversized check ...

  • Missouri family wins half of Powerball jackpot

    One Missouri family is now more than $120 million richer after having one of two winning tickets in the record-setting Powerball lottery. CBS News. Correction: Clarification: RELATED. Story: Missouri couple hopes to live as normally as possible after ...

  • Facebook Powerball trickster Nolan Daniels is Arizona software engineer

    Who is Nolan Daniels? A Facebook user going by that name and claiming to be one of two winners of Wednesday's record $588 million Powerball drawing became an instant Internet sensation Friday after posting a photo purporting to show the winning ticket.

  • Powerball fever hits California as game is approved for state

    Powerball fever has hit California after officials announced the popular lottery game would be coming to the state next year.

  • Jackpot? Mystery man could be second Powerball winner

    Clues have emerged about the person who might hold the second winning Powerball ticket, with many wondering if it was the man who appeared to be celebrating on gas station surveillance cameras in Maryland.

  • Missouri Powerball jackpot winner: 'We'll have a good Christmas'

    A Missouri couple who won half of a record $587.5 million Powerball jackpot said on Friday they plan to stay put in their rural community, but know their lives will be changed.

  • Powerball profits don't all go where you think they do

    He didn't win the largest Powerball drawing in history, which went to ticket holders in Arizona and Missouri. And the money doesn't do as much good for education as he thinks.

  • Powerball Jackpot Taxes: How Much Government Would They Pay For?

    The two lucky winners of the Powerball jackpot are a part of Powerball history. Of course, the winnings are subject to federal taxes, making the spoils a little less sweet.

  • Did Powerball winner use Kansas City Royals for inspiration?

    Kansas City Royals' George Brett kisses home plate at Kauffman Stadium after the last home game of his career September 29, 1993 in Kansas City, MO.

  • Maybe the Powerball winners would like to fund a starting pitcher

    DEARBORN, Mo. -- Mike and Cindy Hill know the vultures are coming. They would've expected it anyway, because that's what happens in America when people win the lottery.

  • Missouri family Powerball winners: 'We're as common as anybody'

    Missouri family Powerball winners: 'We're as common as anybody'. The Hill family are newly-minted millionaires, but they insist they are still the same small town family.

  • Powerball jackpot numbers match up with Royals greats (video)

    No, not in baseball. The Royals haven't won the World Series since 1985, and their won-loss record has topped the .500 mark just once in the past 18 seasons.

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