Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lindsay Lohan

  • Lindsay Lohan admits she hit fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell with slur: report

    Lindsay Lohan still denies punching Florida fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell in a Chelsea nightclub early Thursday morning - but she now admits she did hit Mitchell with a nasty slur.

  • Lindsay Lohan's Attorney Says Actress 'Will Be Exonerated'

    Lindsay Lohan's legal team believes the 26-year-old actress "will be totally exonerated" after she was charged with misdemeanor assault Thursday.

  • Demi Lovato stands up for Lindsay Lohan, confronts Simon Cowell on 'X Factor'

    While Lindsay Lohan may be going through some hard times with week with her latest arrest, the Global Grind reports this Saturday, Dec. 1, that the talented Demi Lovato came to her defense this week, taking to Twitter to stand up for the "Liz and Dick ...

  • Lindsay Lohan goes on offensive over brawl, earns rare distinction after arrest

    Lindsay Lohan isn't taking her latest scruff with the law lying down. As was previously reported, the 26 year-old actress was arrested outside New York City nightclub "Avenue" for allegedly punching fellow club patron Tiffany Mitchell during a dispute ...

  • Lindsay Lohan's Life Has Taken a Decidedly Film Noir Turn

    Whether or not Lindsay Lohan actually punched professional fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell in the face is what the private eye Lindz just hired will try to figure out, hopefully before Mitchell and new attorney Gloria Allred file a lawsuit and help ...

  • Lindsay Lohan faces new criminal charges

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan faces new criminal charges in California, filed just hours after the actress was arrested in New York in connection with an alleged early morning fight at a nightclub.

  • Lindsay Lohan charged with assault, accused of punching woman in face at ...

    Those were the words of Lindsay Lohan as she was led by police in handcuffs from a New York nightclub in the wee hours Thursday morning for allegedly punching a woman in the face.

  • Lindsay Lohan's assistant: She needs help

    Lindsay Lohan's assistant: She needs help. Copyright 2012 Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images. Gavin Doyle, Lindsay Lohan's personal assistant, is speaking out about the troubled starlet in the wake of her Thursday morning arrest for alleged assault.

  • Lindsay Lohan and accuser Tiffany Mitchell prepare for court battle

    Lindsay Lohan has been reported to have hired a private investigator in hopes of obtaining any and all information that will aid in discrediting her accuser according to Fox News reports on Sunday, Dec. 2. LiLo claims that her accuser, psychic Tiffany ...

  • Lindsay Lohan arrested for club fight

    Update: Lindsay Lohan has been released from police custody in New York following her arrest on suspicion of assaulting a woman at a nightclub.

  • Lindsay Lohan slapped with new charges over LA car crash

    Lindsay Lohan's legal troubles are continuing to mount - the actress has been slapped with four charges relating to a Los Angeles car crash back in June.

  • Lindsay Lohan arrest: Punched woman in face, cops say; Lohan unhurt

    Actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested Thursday morning after police said she punched a woman in the face at a nightclub in New York.

  • Link Roundup: Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Back ...

    This week quite a few celebrity fights made the headlines: Lindsay Lohan vs. a psychic, Gabriel Aubry vs. Olivier Martinez, Chris Brown vs.

  • Lindsay Lohan hires private detective to delve into background of psychic ...

    Lindsay Lohan has hired a private investigator to delve into the background of the psychic who accused her of assault in a New York nightclub on Wednesday night.

  • Lindsay Lohan awaits court date, could face jail time

    Lindsay Lohan awaits court date, could face jail time. December 1, 2012 | 5:19 am. increase text size decrease text size. Lindsay Lohan is awaiting a court date after being charged in a Pacific Coast Highway accident earlier this year. PHOTOS: The ...

  • Dina Lohan speaks out - EXCLUSIVE

    Dina Lohan speaks out - EXCLUSIVE. Michael Lohan made his feelings known about Lindsay Lohan's late-night arrest, exclusively telling ET that he knew an incident like this was in the cards once she rebuffed his attempted intervention in October.

  • Lindsay Lohan Is Hoping A Six-Month Rehab Stint Will Save Her From Jail!

    Since Lindsay Lohan faces the repercussions of FOUR CHARGES during her probation period - the most recent being the charge from her alleged assault against another Avenue clubber - sources say she's seeking mercy through rehab.

  • Lindsay Lohan is a Loser, here are 7 reasons why

    Now tell me, aren't you tired of Lindsay Lohan stories? Now I know what you're saying - why am I writing about her?

  • Is Lindsay Lohan Really Anything Like Elizabeth Taylor?

    Lindsay Lohan stormed the Lifetime network on Sunday night playing the one and only Elizabeth Taylor. Given the similarities between both women's personal lives, it would seem that Lohan would make for the perfect modern-day starlet to re-imagine the ...

  • 'Liz & Dick' Lifetime film gets bashed by critics, celebs

    After much build-up and fanfare, Lindsay Lohan's much-anticipated Lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" premiered on TV Sunday to some rather unfavorable comments and reactions from her fellow Hollywood actors.

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