Monday, December 3, 2012

Katt Williams

  • Katt Williams: A Timeline Of Bad Behavior, Assault, Legal Woes

    Katt Williams may be having the worst year ever. From pimp slapping a Target employee (and escaping in a shopping cart) to police chases and arrests, the comedian continues to grab headlines with his perpetual bizarre behavior.

  • Monday Memo: Katt Williams busted … Ivan the gorilla … Russell Wilson shines

    Comedian Katt Williams clearly didn't make some people laugh on his visit to Seattle this past weekend. He was busted yesterday for allegedly being less than a gentleman in a South Lake Union bar where he got into it with some folks, waved a pool stick ...

  • Katt Williams & Chris Brown Return to Top Trenders

    Last Monday morning, we talked about Katt Williams and Chris Brown. Well, bad news: they're both trending again and for similar reasons this Monday morning!

  • Katt Williams Goes Off On His Own Hummer In Seattle -- Source

    The train wreck that is Katt Williams' latest comedy tour has taken some bizarre turns in Seattle. The Weekly has learned that his Thursday no show was caused not by an arrest, as audience members were told, but by an episode in which Williams' Hummer ...

  • Micah 'Katt' Williams arrested in Seattle

    Comedian Micah "Katt" Williams was arrested Sunday afternoon after he was involved in a fracas at a South Lake Union bar, Seattle police said.

  • Katt Williams' latest incident: Arrested after Seattle bar fight

    Katt Williams (full name Micah S. Katt Williams), 39,is an American comedian, rapper and actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Money Mike in "Friday After Next," but many also recognize him for his stint on Nick Cannon's MTV improv show ...

  • Katt Williams evaded arrest after leading police on motorbike chase in ...

    Comedian Katt Williams is in hot water with California's state capitol police after he drove his three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk and led police on a chase that was later called off to protect bystanders, authorities said on Wednesday.

  • Comedian Katt Williams arrested for assault in Seattle

    Comedian Katt Williams arrested for assault in Seattle. Comedian Katt Williams arrested for assault in Seattle. Credit: Getty Images.

  • Katt Williams Arrest In Seattle! (PHOTOS)

    Katt Williams was arrested Sunday, December 2, after getting into a bar fight in Seattle. Williams has been involved in several recent violent outbreaks, including being caught on surveillance video slapping a Target employee.

  • Comedian Katt Williams keeps the crazy flowing, hits Sacramento Target ...

    Now that comedian Katt Williams can be seen on a store surveillance camera hitting a Target employee in the face in Sacramento, he has officially cut a swath of idiocy across our state.

  • Katt Williams slap: Katt slaps Target employee in the face [VIDEO]

    In the video, which you can watch below, Katt Williams is seen getting into a confrontation with the Target employee. There's no audio, but in the video, something clearly enrages Katt, as he winds up and slaps the employee (seemingly in the face).

  • Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee After Police Motorbike Chase (REPORT ...

    Comedian Katt Williams poses at the 'Comic Relief 2006' show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace November 18, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Video: Katt Williams slaps cashier after police

    SACRAMENTO - A comedian allegedly led police on a motorbike pursuit through Sacramento before walking into a Target store and slapping a cashier in the face.

  • Katt Williams Accused Of Slapping Target Employee, Fleeing On Motorized Cart

    Last Sunday, Katt Williams reportedly led police on a crazy chase through downtown Sacramento on a three wheeled motorcycle.

  • Katt Williams slaps Target employee in face

    After nearly hitting five pedestrians while leading police on a chase through downtown Sacramento, comedian Katt Williams walked into a Target store in nearby Woodland, Calif.

  • Katt Williams spirals further out of control and slaps a Target employee

    TMZ has obtained video of Katt Williams in Target where he slapped an employee in the face Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012. This latest stunt has some fans wondering about his emotional health.

  • Katt Williams slaps Target employee and escapes on electric cart

    As reported by The Inquisitr, Katt Williams led police officers on a merry chase through Sacramento driving a three-wheeled motorcycle.

  • Katt Williams shown slapping unsuspecting Target employee in security video

    Katt Williams (full name Micah S. Katt Williams), 39,is an American comedian, rapper and actor. He is perhaps best known for his role as Money Mike in "Friday After Next," but also for his stint on Nick Cannon's MTV improv show, "Wild 'n Out," and for ...

  • Katt Williams slap of Target employee on video, flees in electric cart

    2, 2012, TMZ reports they have video footage of actor and comedian Katt Williams slapping a Target employee and making his comedic getaway in an electric cart he lifted from the store.

  • Katt Williams slaps Target employee across the face

    After running from the police on Sunday Katt Williams went into a Target store where he got into a verbal brawl with one of the employees slapping him across the face according to TMZ reports on Dec. 2. TMZ obtained the video minus the audio of the ...

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