Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wolfenstein 3d

  • Woldenstein 3D turns 20, and Bethesda is celebrating by releasing a free browser-based version.
  • (Toms Hardware)
  • Yesterday, Wolfenstein 3D was a measly 19 years and 364 days old. Puh-shaw, we say. Today, however, the game is a full 20 years old, and id Software is throwing the classic FPS a celebration.
  • (Joystiq)
  • To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D, the game is returning, in brower form.You can play the classic PC game directly in browser at Bethesdas site, or on the Wolfenstein Facebook page.
  • (G4 TV)
  • Gaming today is a multi-billion dollar industry, growing each year.
  • (Softpedia)
  • What did you get yer old pal B.J.
  • (Shacknews)
  • If you are a computer gamer of a certain age then I have a treat for you. The classic first person shooter game Wolfenstein 3D was released 20 years ago this month.
  • (
  • If you have ever loved a first-person shooter then you have "Wolfenstein 3D" to thank for that game's existence.
  • (Examiner)

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