Thursday, May 31, 2012


  • Is the Zombie Apocalypse upon us? Its starting to feel that way as another super grisly cannibal story emerges, hot on the heels of the Miami face eater.
  • (Radar
  • The mom of the crazed cannibal who gnawed off the face of a homeless man in Miami defended him as "a good kid" Thursday and said he doesn't deserve to be remembered as a "zombie.
  • (New York Daily News)
  • Rudy Eugene, the man who was shot and killed by police after a horrifying cannibal attack on a homeless man, was spotted walking around naked in Miami in the weeks leading up to the incident, has exclusively learned.
  • (Radar
  • A CANNIBAL killer suspect was being hunted last night — months after The Sun warned Scotland Yard that he was dangerous.
  • (The Sun)
  • Police sources have identified the homeless victim in a horrific, bloody assault in which a naked North Miami Beach man chewed off a large portion of anothers mans face, as first reported by the Miami Herald and CBS Miami.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Miami cannibal Rudy Eugene feasted on his victims face for 18 minutes, it was revealed today. New CCTV shows the crazed man walking naked alongside the road in Miami, Florida, before pouncing on homeless man Ronald Poppo who was sleeping.
  • (Daily Mirror)
  • Never one to hold back his thoughts, Rush Limbaugh was at it again on his radio show this past Thursday.
  • (Examiner)
  • The Miami man who almost died when much of his face was bitten off by an allegedly drug-affected man in a sickening attack has been named as 65-year-old homeless man with a lengthy criminal record.
  • (ninemsn)
  • The naked cannibal was not the Rudy Eugene his classmates knew. The image of a growling, face-eating so-called zombie didnt sit well Tuesday with those who remembered Eugene as a teenager.
  • (Sun Sentinel)

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