Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bath salts

  • Miami police suspect that what caused a 31-year-old man to rip off his clothes and viciously gnaw on the face of another man in a daylight attack on a busy highway is a new and extremely dangerous street drug known as bath salts.
  • (ABC News)
  • As authorities piece together why a homeless Miami man bit off another man's face on Saturday, a popular new drug is emerging as a likely culprit. Jacqui Goddard reports on why doctors fear the substance.
  • (Daily Beast)
  • A naked man who chewed off the face of another man in what is being called a zombie-like attack may have been under the influence of bath salts, a drug referred to as the new LSD, according to reports from CNN affiliates in Miami.
  • (CNN (blog))
  • Police are blaming bath salts for turning 31-year-old Rudy Eugene into what multiple media outlets are calling the naked zombie after Eugene was found eating the face of a homeless person in Miami.
  • (US News and World Report)
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  • (YAHOO!)
  • The U.S. Senate, in a 96-1 vote, approved a Food and Drug Administration bill last week that includes an amendment supported by Sen. Susan Collins that would ban synthetic chemicals used to make the street drug bath salts.
  • (Bangor Daily News)
  • On Saturday night in Miami, a naked "zombie-like" man attacked another man, biting off parts of his face. The attack was halted only when police shot and killed the attacker, identified as 31-year old Rudy Eugene.
  • (WIVB)
  • A street drug called "bath salts" that turns users delirious, aggressive and overheated, may have played a role in the bizarre street attack in Miami in which a man had his face cannibalized by another man, says an emergency room doctor.
  • (Hamilton Spectator)
  • The Miami man who was shot to death by police yesterday while attacking another man and eating his face has been identified as 31-year-old Rudy Eugene, according to Miami's CBS affiliate, Channel 4.
  • (Raw Story)

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