Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Les miserables

  • Do you hear the people sing? Singing the praises of Anne Hathaway's singing voice? No? The actress's pipes made their debut in a new trailer for "Les Miserables" on Wednesday.
  • (Washington Post)
  • (CBS News) The first trailer for Les Miserables has arrived. Anne Hathaway, playing Fantine, takes center stage in the clip, which is set to her singing an emotional (and seemingly unembellished) version of I Dreamed a Dream.
  • (CBS News)
  • No fans weren't just dreaming a dream, Universal did release the first official trailer to "Les Miserables.
  • (New York Daily News)
  • Youll have to wait until Dec. 14 to see the longtime-coming film adaptation of Les Miserables, but you can have a laugh at Russell Crowes hat in the movie right now.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • LOS ANGELES ( - Man the barricades, musical fans - Les Miserables is coming to the big screen. Universal offered the first look at the film adaptation of the Tony-winning stage triumph.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • The big-screen adaptation of the Tony-winning musical Les Miserables has been filming in England this spring, and is slated for a Christmas release later this year.
  • (Oregonian)
  • "Les Miserables" doesnt come out until December, but its been getting a lot of attention in the press and blogosphere for quite some time already. Given its cast and how difficult a project it is to pull off, its no wonder.
  • (Softpedia)
  • The poor souls of Les Misérables belt out songs of poverty and despair. In melodious voices, they dream a dream of a better life and happier days. But perhaps what theyre really dreaming about is Oscar night.
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Watch the much awaited trailer for Les Miserables, starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. HUGH Jackman looks a scruffy itinerant, Russell Crowe a pompous French bureaucrat, and Anne Hathaway is about as far from the red carpet as you can get.
  • (The Australian)
  • Broadway fans dreamed a dream in time gone by, that one of the most iconic stage productions in history would be properly presented as a musical on the big screen.
  • (The Hollywood Gossip)

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