Sunday, May 13, 2012

Will ferrell

  • Will Ferrell has struggled to find his footing in the box office the past few years, but all he had to do was go back to his roots to remind fans why they love him. Perhaps all he needed was a little more cowbell? I feel ya, Ferrells Bush comforted him.
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  • Last night Saturday Night Live's featured guest was perhaps their most famous recent star, who performed one of the roles that gained garnered him so much admiration.  Will Ferrell brought his own George W.
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  • Will and Mattias in L.A. (SWAP/Splash News)Will Ferrell acts like such a big kid all the time that sometimes we forget that he has children of his own. Three of them, in fact — all boys.
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  • Will Ferrell! Hooray! We love Will Ferrell! I will watch Will Ferrell do anything! Like be Alex Trebek or Robert Goulet or Janet Reno or that cowbell guy! WILL FERRELL! YAY! Except, he didn't do any of those characters? I mean, he revisited George W.
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  • In addition to his set of performances, the ATL singer appeared alongside Ferrell in the 2012 Funkytown Debate skit, in which he played a character named Galactic Fantastic.
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  • Funny men Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are heading into politics—on the big screen, that is.
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  • On Wednesday Kasabian Guitarist, Will Ferrell, Gerard Butler, Mike Myers For Soccer Aid was a top story.
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  • Comedian and former SNL cast member Will Ferrell went back to his roots and hosted SNL for the third time, bringing along some former characters and cast members for the star-studded ride. Ferrell brought out his iconic George W.
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