Monday, May 21, 2012

Robin williams

  • Robin Williams is dead? The gossip mill is at it again, killing off celebrities for entertainment purposes only. Help spread the word the reports are fake! Robin Williams died, and gullible isnt in the Twitter dictionary.
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  • Another Robin Williams death hoax cropped up on social media, and was given some accidental footing when actress, Goldie Hawn, tweeted after Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees died. Thankfully, the Good Will Hunting actor is alive and well.
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  • Fans of Robin Williams will be glad, today, to learn that he is still alive and well. Not because he has been ill. Nor has he been involved in an accident.
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  • Is Robin Williams dead? No, Williams is in fact alive and was just the latest celebrity to be killed off by Twitter as the death hoax ran wild. Williams death was falsely reported on mediafetcher.
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  • LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Robin Williams is not dead. A fake Robin Williams death story today, however, is angering fans. The false death story comes less than one day after Tyler Perry battled the same.
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  • Actress Goldie Hawn only made matters worse for Robin Williams when she tried posting the death of Robin Gibbs on Twitter, only to forward the hoax. The actor has a lot of gullible fans because they believed he had fallen while shooting a film in Austria.
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  • On the off chance you've ever wanted to see Robin Williams, Peter Dinklage, Mila Kunis and James Earl Jones star in a film together you may be in for a treat.
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  • You have 90 minutes left to live, what do you do?  That's the premise of The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, a new screenplay from Daniel Tapitz (Red Dog) to be directed by Phil Alden Robinson (The Sum of All Fears).
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  • Robin Williams, Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Melissa Leo and James Earl Jones will star in the comedy The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, reports Screen Daily.
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  • Actor Robin Williams is alive and well, contrary to a rumor that the comedian died over the weekend. On Sunday, a rumor spread on Twitter that Williams fell more than 50 feet from a mountain while shooting a film in Kitzb├╝hel, Austria.
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