Thursday, May 3, 2012

National day of prayer

  • Thursday is the National Day of Prayer, a day written into federal law when people may turn to God in prayer and meditation. (Read about National Day of Prayer and see a list of events.
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  • One Nation Under God. That line, enshrined in the American Pledge of Allegiance, is the theme selected by a self-appointed task force that seeks to set an agenda for Thursday prayer events around the country.
  • (The Christian Science Monitor)
  • Naperville officially observed the National Day of Prayer Thursday, and while the official celebration at the Municipal Center was non-partisan and focused on the spiritual, earthly concerns were a definite theme.
  • (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • TAMPA — Mayor Bob Buckhorn stood before the crowd of nearly 1,000 and proudly proclaimed his faith in God. Faith matters, he said, drawing a litany of amens during the brunch Thursday at the A La Carte Pavilion.
  • (St. Petersburg Times)
  • A band of Miss-Lou prayer warriors will join prayer-sayers across the nation in bowing their heads today to lift up the nation in prayer for the 61st National Day of Prayer.
  • (Chicago Tribune)
  • LAKELAND | Hundreds of early birds joined Lakeland Mayor Gow Fields for eggs and a jolt of spiritual oratory at Thursday mornings annual breakfast that coincides with National Day of Prayer.
  • (The Ledger)
  • PLAINFIELD — They closed their eyes, bowed their heads and listened to the pastor's passionate prayer accompanied by the music of an electric keyboard. It wasn't church on Sunday morning.
  • (
  • Hundreds of Texans are expected to come to downtown Dallas Thursday for an eight-hour string of faith-based celebrations that will include Sikh drummers, Islamic prayers, Hindu singers, a Jewish cantor and Methodist and Baptist congregations.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • May Day is May 1.  May 5 is Cinco De Mayo, but May 3 of this year was National Prayer Day. The tradition began in 1952 under the presidency of Harry S. Truman and falls on the first Thursday in May.
  • (Examiner)
  • The National Day of Prayer will be observed today in several North Texas locations. But few celebrations are likely to draw as diverse a crowd as the event at Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas.
  • (Dallas Morning News)

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