Friday, May 4, 2012

Mint julep

  • The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, marking the high holiday of one of the Great American Cocktails, the mint julep.
  • (Boston Herald)
  • For nearly a century, the Mint Julep has been the "The Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby." But before it was the toast of the Kentucky Derby, the the mint julep was a political icebreaker in the nation's capital.
  • (Examiner)
  • If youre anything like me, there is one thing you look forward to the most on Kentucky Derby day, and its not whether you hit a 1-20 bet. Well, yes, you look forward to that too. But there is a surer thing at your Derby party.
  • (The Stir)
  • What a distinctly American mess it is! A mint julep is best when simply prepared, but it is always a complex drink—labor intensive and culturally knotty. For centuries, intraregional beefs have raged regarding its most correct preparation.
  • (Slate)
  • Ah, the mint julep. One of the oldest, most revered and hotly debated fixtures of the drinking world. The name originates from the Arab word julab, which was likely a medicinal rose water concoction.
  • (KOAT 7)
  • The 138th Kentucky Derby is being run Saturday, May 5 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY, which means thousands of people will be on hand to wear big hats, bet on their favorites and of course drink mint juleps.
  • (
  • LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- For the past 25 years, the Early Times Mint Julep has proudly served as the Official Drink of the Kentucky Derby®.
  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • Wash it down with a mint julep ($8) and enter the hat contest. Mint Hats and Big Drinks at Pour George, 3 p.m.; 35 W. Eighth St.; 212-253-2999, pourgeorge.
  • (New York Post)
  • There is a man renowned across the land for his knowledge of the storied mint julep, and his name is Joe Nickell. So is mine. According to my father (whose name – Nick Nickell – was itself rather redundant), Joe and I are distant cousins.
  • (Missoulian)

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