Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lolo jones

  • Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones may be the hottest athlete on Twitter right now. Her witty, self-effacing humor has charmed media and fans alike. Oh, and the attractive, single 29-year-old is also a virgin.
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  • As reporters assembled around Tim Tebows locker on Thursday, a collection of voices could be heard in the background barking in the quarterbacks direction.
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  • The 29-year-old from Louisiana said during a new episode of HBOs Real Sports, which airs in the US tonight, that she does not believe in pre-marital sex.
  • (Daily Telegraph)
  • What could be more difficult than winning a gold medal at the Olympics? According to American hurdling star Lolo Jones, there is a tougher task that she deals with every day of her life. In an interview with HBOs Real Sports, the U.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • If you thought the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat had a fight last night, then you should have turned into HBOs Real Sports Tuesday night. Olympic hurdler LoLo Jones bared it all during an interview with Real Sports reporter Mary Carillo.
  • (Daily Press)
  • Breaking Bads season four finale included one of the decades most memorable -- and talked about -- TV moments when Walters dispensing of Gustavo Gus Fring left the big bad with half a face and a one way ticket to the great beyond.
  • (State Journal-Register)
  • Lolo Jones is a beautiful, intelligent Olympic athlete, but like many women, shes still searching for her Prince Charming. But this 29-year-old isnt willing to kiss as many frogs as it takes to find her special guy.
  • (Entertainment Online)
  • The 2008 and 2010 World Indoor Champion over 60m hurdles, is also busy taking care of her dating live – but revealed that it is tough staying pure until she gets married.
  • (World-Track and Field Website)
  • But Tim Tebow has a new partner in crime in the small but proud abstinence camp, Olympic sprinter/hottie, Lolo Jones.
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