Saturday, May 12, 2012

Josh hamilton

  • ARLINGTON, Texas -- Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton is still taking swings with the bat he used to crush four home runs in Tuesdays historic game in Baltimore.
  • (ESPN)
  • ARLINGTON, Texas -- Josh Hamilton stood in the Texas outfield as the cheers got louder and louder. It was the first time the slugger really didnt know what to do.
  • (ESPN)
  • Rangers President and CEO Nolan Ryan joined BaD radio on KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket. Here are some highlights: On if he believes Josh Hamilton will remain with the Rangers: "It's hard to make that prediction.
  • (Dallas Morning News)
  • You have to hand it to Josh Hamilton. While hes constantly on guard against his personal demons, he somehow still seems to be exactly what we want all athletes to be -- a big kid playing a childs game.
  • (Pioneer Press)
  • Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton made history Tuesday night with four homers. His home run streaks left his own team perplexed, said entertainment and news website
  • (YAHOO!)
  • Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamiltons two home runs on Friday night put him in historically-elite company to start the season.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • BOSTON -- Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder had their big-money moments over the winter. Now it is all about Josh Hamilton and where hell be playing next year.
  • (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • ARLINGTON, Texas -- C.J. Wilson really wanted to pitch against the Texas Rangers, so much so that he became the first major leaguer in 11 seasons to start consecutive games.
  • (ESPN)
  • You can't stop Josh Hamilton. You can't even hope to contain him. Josh Hamilton last week was a force of nature. A Texas twister. He was Josh Squatch. The Hambino.
  • (Morning Journal)
  • Nobody believes that Josh Hamilton will keep up a pace that has given him 17 home runs in 31 games played. Nobody probably believes he will continue to bat .407 or knock in the RBI at the rate he has. But what a season it would be if he could.
  • (Examiner)

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