Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gary johnson

  • LAS VEGAS (AP) — Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is campaigning to win the White House as a Libertarian after receiving scant attention in the Republican presidential race.
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  • LAS VEGAS -- Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who ditched his Republican bid for president in December, captured the Libertarian Partys nomination Saturday in Las Vegas, adding a third party candidate with some name recognition to the 2012 race.
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  • Even ONE percent of them DIRECTLY vote for a Prez candidate ??? i.e. one more rigged/packed OLIGARCHY picking a candidate. How many TRILLIONS will the LP and Johnson get from the Donkeys – esp. in the marginal gerrymander E.C.
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  • LAS VEGAS (AP) - After receiving scant attention in the Republican presidential race, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is hoping to run on the Libertarian ticket. Johnson is up against longtime Libertarian activist R.
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  • The Libertarian Party continues its national convention today, which includes the final candidate debate. Tomorrow, the party will hold its nomination for president and vice-president.
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  • Photo by Ron Hill Imagery/Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is late. He's pretty happy about the reason: too many interviews on the schedule today. That was never a problem when he was running for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.
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  • Former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian Partys 2012 presidential nominee, and former judge James Jim Gray will be his running mate.  Gray beat out Lee Wrights and one other candidate for the vice presidential nomination.
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  • The November election is looking to be another dreary choice between the lesser of two evils.
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