Friday, May 18, 2012

Flesh eating bacteria

  • (CBS News) Aimee Copeland was told that she will have her hands and remaining foot amputated, complications from blood vessels dying after a two-week battle with the flesh-eating infection necrotizing fasciitis, her father wrote on Facebook Friday.
  • (CBS News)
  • A third case of flesh-eating bacteria has emerged with ties to Georgia, myFOXatlanta reported. A landscaper from Cartersville is in critical condition at Doctors Hospital in Augusta battling the potentially deadly disease.
  • (FOX News)
  • Faced with the prospect of losing both hands and her one remaining foot, a young Georgia woman battling to survive a case of flesh-eating bacteria that has already claimed one leg mouthed the words Lets do this.
  • (AP -
  • SAVANNAH, Ga. --A young Georgia woman fighting a flesh-eating bacteria has learned she will lose her hands and remaining foot, and responded by saying Lets do this. Her father recounted the conversation in an update on his Facebook page Friday.
  • (
  • The Georgia girl whose body is being ravaged by a flesh-eating bacteria bravely gave the OK when her parents broke the news to her that she would have to lose her hands and right foot.
  • (Radar
  • In the second case of necrotizing fasciitis to surface this month, a Georgia woman is hospitalized after doctors discovered the bacteria spreading through her leg A second case of flesh-eating bacteria has been reported in the South.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • The 24-year-old woman fighting a flesh-eating bacteria at an Augusta hospital learned on Thursday that she needs more amputations to aid her recovery.
  • (Augusta Chronicle)
  • Bobby Vaughn, 32, works as a landscaper in Cartersville, but is recovering at an Augusta hospital today after flesh-eating bacteria invaded his body earlier this month.
  • (WGCL)
  • Medical University Hospital treated a man from Hilton Head for a flesh-eating bacteria, according to Vera Ford, director of development for the hospital's surgery department.
  • (The Post and Courier)

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