Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flesh eating bacteria

  • The rare flesh-eating disease that claimed a Georgia womans leg and has her fighting for her life was caused by a common bacteria that thrives in warm climates and fresh water.
  • (ABC News)
  • UPDATE: At 3:55 p.m., Aimee Copelands father reported that she is showing tiny signs of improvement. Her lungs have moved from being totally dependent upon the respirator to being 40-percent self-respiration, Andy Copeland writes.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • The father of a hospitalized 24-year-old woman who contracted flesh-eating bacteria after a zip line accident described the ordeal as "the most horrific situation that a parent can possibly imagine.
  • (Time)
  • The road ahead will not be easy for Aimee Copeland, the Georgia woman whose freak zip-lining accident led to a flesh-eating bacteria infection thats kept her on life support for days.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • ATLANTA May 10 (Reuters) - A Georgia college student was in critical condition on Thursday suffering with a rare, flesh-eating bacterial infection following a zip line accident last week.
  • (Reuters)
  • Twenty-four year old graduate student Aimee Copeland is fighting a life-threatening case of flesh-eating disease after a seemingly minor mishap with a zip line.
  • (
  • A Georgia woman is fighting for her life after contracting a flesh-eating infection while on an outdoors trip with friends.
  • (FOX News)
  • Aimee Copeland severely cut her left leg while zip-lining in a friends backyard near Carrollton last week. She contracted a flesh-eating bacteria infection that forced doctors to amputate the leg.
  • (MyFox Atlanta)
  • An accident with a zip line started a bizarre chain of events that led to a 24 year-old woman contracting flesh eating bacteria and losing her leg.
  • (Examiner)

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