Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easter island

  • The first methodical investigation of the statues at Rapa Nui, which many think of as simple heads, reveals the complete figures buried over centuries by natural forces.
  • (FOX News)
  • Explorers have long known there was more to the 887 statues on Easter Island—some 2,000 miles west of Chile—than just the statue heads made famous in photographs. When most people think of the renowned monolithic statues, they think of the heads only.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • The first App to showcase the worlds most isolated inhabited island, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Never before seen photos, including those of the 2 week cultural festival, the Tapati. (TRAVPR.
  • (
  • Two waka hourua carrying up to 24 crew will depart Auckland on the 17th August this year bound for Rapanui (Easter Island).
  • (Scoop)
  • LAN celebrated this milestone with the Rapa Nui community at the finale of LAN 45th Year Cup.
  • (e-Travel Blackboard)
  • PAGER content is automatically generated, and only considers losses due to structural damage. Limitations of input data, shaking estimates, and loss models may add uncertainty.
  • (M 5.9 - EASTER ISLAND REGION - U.S. Geological Survey)
  • Cal State Long Beach archaeology professor Carl Lipo has gained recognition for his book "The Statues That Walked: Unraveling the Mystery of Easter Island," which breaks the tradition of labeling Easter Island as a "what-not-to-do" society.
  • (Daily 49er)
  • How did we become the asshole? A lot can happen to a culture in forty years. Lessons from a Dead Culture The downfall of the Easter Island society that erected those famous giant stone heads holds some lessons for us.
  • (Financial Post)
  • Mataveri International Airport, the most remote airport on Earth, located on Easter Island has only about a dozen scheduled flights per week.  You only get about one shot per day at catching a big bird take off.
  • (Snapshots from the most remote airport on Earth - USA Today)

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