Sunday, May 6, 2012


  • LAS VEGAS -- At the final bell , they hugged and patted each other on the sides of the same heads they had spent an hour beating on.
  • (Los Angeles Times)
  • Fans of combat sports were treated to a memorable evening on Saturday night as Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Miguel Cotto battled it out on pay-per-view following an entertaining fight card put on by the UFC on FOX.
  • (
  • LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather believes the key to his hard-fought victory over Miguel Cotto on Saturday night stemmed from the night he shunned a trip to an Orlando strip club and went for a six-mile run at 3a.m.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • LAS VEGAS -- Welcome back, Blog readers! Were at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (again) for a Floyd Mayweather fight (again) that is not against Manny Pacquiao (unfortunately, again).
  • (CNN Sports Illustrated)
  • LAS VEGAS -- A single night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on June 26, 2008, nearly ruined the boxing career of Miguel Cotto. Nearly four years later, he proved to everyone it didnt take the best of him.
  • (ESPN)
  • LAS VEGAS -- Floyd Mayweather improved to 43-0 on Saturday night, but not without a fight. Mayweather withstood perhaps his toughest test to date, outlasting Miguel Cotto in a unanimous decision victory at MGM Grand.
  • (
  • This fight between Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been dubbed “Ring Kings, and for good reason. These two gladiators are the elite of the elite in the sweet science.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • LAS VEGAS -- Floyd Mayweather Jr. was getting ready to make his ring walk about the time Manny Pacquiao arrived at Los Angeles International Airport on Philippine Airlines Flight 102.
  • (New York Post)
  • LAS VEGAS -- When people look back at the Hall of Fame-worthy careers of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto, the boxers fight on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena will be the one they probably remember.
  • (ESPN)
  • ROUND 1: Referee Tony Weeks gave final instructions, and the fights underway. Mayweather throws a left hook. Mayweather jabs. Cotto keeps his head down, leading with his left. Theyre separated twice. Cotto tries a hard right, Mayweather dodges.
  • (Chicago Tribune)

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