Friday, May 4, 2012

Cinco de mayo

  • LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2012 — Ole and Shalom, yall! Saturday May 5, 2012 is a day when members of various cultures should realize we really are all the same. It is the Kentucky Derby, Cinco De Mayo, and the Jewish Sabbath.
  • (Washington Times)
  • Even though Cinco de Mayo marks the 1862 victory of the Mexican army over France at the Battle of Puebla, its really only a minor holiday in Mexico. For most folks outside Puebla, its just the fifth of May.
  • (USA Today)
  • Today is Cinco de Mayo, a day to celebrate Latino heritage and culture. The usual celebratory fare includes nachos, salsa, chips, guacamole and enchiladas, washed down by either a Corona or a Dos Equis.
  • (Seattle Times)
  • RoadFish.
  • (PRWeb)
  • Cinco de Mayo is not Mexicos Independence Day, although there will be droves of drunk crowds swearing by that falsehood on Saturday (May 5). The date notes Mexicos determination and fearlessness against the French 150 years ago.
  • (The BoomBox)
  • By RUSSELL CONTRERAS Associated Press ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) - Heres what Cinco de Mayo has become in the U.S.
  • (
  • I LOVE Cinco De Mayo! I mean, duh -- tacos, margaritas, colorful décor.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Many Americans mistakenly believe Cinco de Mayo is Mexican Independence Day.
  • (Examiner)
  • Ask a celebrant on the streets of Richmond if they know what Cinco de Mayo celebrates, and you will get a sombrero full of answers, most of them wrong.
  • (Examiner)
  • GREENVILLE -- Cinco De Mayo has evolved from a commemoration of Mexicos defeat of the French army in 1861 to a general celebration of Mexican culture (and a great excuse to throw a party).
  • (Spartanburg Herald-Journal)

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