Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de mayo

  • Getty ImagesMario Gutierrez and Ill Have Another are Kentucky Derby champions. LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Make sure you know how to pronounce Gutierrez, and memorize how to spell it, too.
  • (ESPN)
  • SAN JOSE, Ca., May 5, 2012 - Although Cinco de Mayo has become a well celebrated holiday in the United States, it remains relatively insignificant within most of Mexico.
  • (Washington Times)
  • What began 25 years ago on Santa Fe Drive as a small fundraiser for a Denver nonprofit organization has grown into one of the nations largest Cinco de Mayo festivals, now spanning two full days and overflowing Civic Center park.
  • (Denver Post)
  • DAVENPORT - The Cinco de Mayo party in Davenport - booming with drums, rattles and loud chanting - could be heard from Highway 1. The celebration, held in the yard of St.
  • (San Jose Mercury News)
  • Ricardo Ibarra arrived in downtown Modesto early Saturday evening wearing a black sombrero with a red-green-white design and a traditional heavy wool poncho he bought in Cancun, Mexico.
  • (Modesto Bee)
  • For historians, Cinco de Mayo might be all about the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, but for Frank Gonzalez its about a feeling. A feeling of being alive. I love the culture, music, food and uplifting spirit.
  • (
  • Temecula mother Amparo Rodriguez tapped her foot, clapped her hands and called out melodically as her 10-year-old daughter, Isabella, performed in a Mexican Jalisco dance on a stage set up at Temecula Duck Pond Park on Saturday.
  • (North County Times)
  • NEW ORLEANS—The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival served up margaritas and other Latin fare Saturday as it celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a lineup peppered with acts such as Mexican singer Paulina Rubio.
  • (San Jose Mercury News)
  • The way Vince Valdez sees it, many Cinco de Mayo celebrations have become St. Patrick's Day with sombreros — another "reason to party and make some money.
  • (Des Moines Register)

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