Friday, May 4, 2012

Avengers trailer

  • Marvel's The Avengers premiers May 4. In March, a trailer for the filme broke iTunes viewing records. There's also an augmented reality Avengers app for iPhone and Android that lets fans step into superhero shoes.
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  • Avengers, roll out! Go,go gadget Avengers! Avengers, SPOON! Fine, fine, Avengers assemble to check out this trailer and screenshots of the upcoming pinball table from Zen Studios.
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  • Last night I made the crazy decision to go see a midnight screening of The Avengers. (Note to self they were missing and started to freak the freak out. It was the Batman trailer we were promised.
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  • On a week dominated by The Avengers, an itsy bitsy trailer for another superhero movie has fans buzzing. This life is not an easy one, says Garfields Peter Parker in the clips opening voiceover.
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  • Marvel Avengers Assemble was released this weekend overseas and it looks like we might have a massive global hit for this comic book based movie (think Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: The First Avenger).
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  • The Avengers is the culmination of Marvels master plan for worldwide domination, and guess what? Its working! BoxOffice.coms Phil Contrino believes Disney deserves a lot of the credit.
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  • Marvel and DC Comics fans are in for quite a treat.
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  • But now it is the eve of The Avengers US release date, and Whedonites and Marvel fanatics all over the country couldnt be more excited. Take one last long, loving look at the trailer. Go on. Its ok.
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  • May 02, 2012, 11:12 AM — Here are two more parody trailers of Fridays Avengers movie - this time its a Russian video clip of all of the heroes done in Cubeecraft - a paper-folding, origami-like construction-type kit.
  • (IT World)
  • The Avengers will be out May 4 and critics are already buzzing You definitely get a sense of this from the trailer and its had people talking since the film had its first screening.
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