Sunday, May 6, 2012


  • BERLIN—Europes voters delivered another rebuke to their leaders Sunday for failing to overcome a debt crisis that has thrust much of the region into an economic tailspin. Less obvious is what Europeans expect their governments to do differently.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • TOKYO, May 7 (Reuters) - Japans Nikkei average shed 2.
  • (Reuters UK)
  • Alexis Tsipras became the surprise package of the Greek election by telling Angela Merkel to get lost.
  • (Businessweek)
  • Greeces two main parties suffered big losses in elections Sunday, exit polls showed, rocking the eurozone states austerity plans after a strong showing by protest groups including the neo-Nazis.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • LONDON — Voters in France and Greece redrew Europe's political map Sunday in a powerful backlash against the German-led cure for the region's debt crisis: painful austerity.
  • (Washington Post)
  • With the result of Greek elections just hours away, former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said that the result will reflect the pain of austerity, rather than a rejection of Greece's membership in the euro zone.
  • (CNBC)
  • May 7 (Bloomberg) -- The euro fell to a three-month low after Socialist Francois Hollande was elected president of France and as Greek voters flocked to anti-bailout parties, stoking concern austerity efforts in Europe may be derailed.
  • (San Francisco Gate)
  • SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Shanghai copper fell on Monday, after elections in France and Greece stoked concerns on whether struggling euro zone economies could continue to pursue austerity measures crucial to resolving the blocs debt crisis.
  • (Reuters Canada)

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