Thursday, May 24, 2012

Allen iverson

  • Before the 76ers and Celtics took the floor in Philadelphia for Game 6 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series, Allen Iverson slipped into a home jersey. However, his familiar No. 3 wasnt stitched on the crisp white uniform.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • Allen Iverson wants to return to professional basketball, according to comments he made during the Philadelphia 76ers Game 6 win against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday.
  • (Sporting News)
  • Allen Iverson returning to the 76ers has long been nothing but a fantasy for many Philly fans who yearn for the good ol days, when The Answer led their team and kept it interesting in the City of Brotherly Love.
  • (International Business Times)
  • Philadelphia fans are not fair-weathered about Allen Iverson — they love him. At times during his years with the team it was tough love. But in the end Iverson did all you can ask of a player as a fan — he gave it his all every night.
  • (NBC Sports)
  • Elton Brand asked a reporter two hours before the game. Fans were standing from the time they entered the Wells Fargo Center to try for a glimpse of Allen Iverson after word leaked that the former Sixers superstar would be in attendance.
  • (Philadelphia Daily News)
  • Allen Iverson made an emotional return to the NBA on Wednesday night in Philadelphia, where he spent close to 12 years of his professional basketball career.
  • (Christian Post)
  • Allen Iverson, clad in a Lou Williams 76ers jersey, gave one of his trademark interviews to ESPN's Lisa Salters Wednesday night during game six of Philly-Boston: "I'm not using that word [retire].
  • (The Big Lead)
  • It was a frustrating end to a frustrating season, and it created possibly the most famous end-of-season press conference of all time, if not the most famous press conference in NBA history.
  • (YAHOO!)
  • Allen Iverson got a warm ovation from Philadelphia fans before Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals between the 76ers and Celtics, and then watched as the Sixers showed Iversonian grit in forcing a Game 7.
  • (Wall Street Journal)
  • Needing a spark to spur them in an elimination game against the Boston Celtics on Wednesday, the Philadelphia 76ers were visited by an unlikely source.
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