Wednesday, May 23, 2012

7 eleven

  • 7-Eleven, Inc. is taking a new and aggressive approach to enhance its social and corporate responsibility of illegal underage sales of age-restricted products.
  • (Yahoo Finance)
  • A crowd of unruly school kids rushed into a downtown 7-Eleven store about 2 p.m.
  • (Baltimore Sun)
  • Earlier this month, Slurpee Lite(TM) Fanta Sugar-Free Mango flavor drinks, debuted in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.
  • (
  • Today is FREE Slurpee Day! Thats right from 11a to 7p you can grab a 7.11 ounce Slurpee cup at no charge. The reason: To promote the launch of 7-Elevens Slurpee Lite — a sugar-free Slurpee flavored by Fanta and sweetened with Splenda.
  • (Examiner)
  • Trayvon Martin walked into a Sanford, Fla., 7-Eleven on Feb. 26, purchased a bag of Skittles and an Arizona iced tea, and before he was able to return to his fathers fiancĂ©es home, he was killed.
  • (Huffington Post)
  • You scream, I scream, we all scream forsugar-free Slurpees? If youre a dieter addicted to this sweet slushy stuff, you might want to give a cheer at the news that 7-Eleven has concocted sugar-free diet Slurpees, reported MSNBC yesterday.
  • (Examiner)
  • NEW YORK -- 7-Eleven Inc.s expansion plans in the New York City borough of Manhattan are the focus of a feature article in this months New York magazine.
  • (CSNews Online)
  • The popular brain-freezing drink known as the Slurpee is getting a low-cal makeover! 7-Eleven is now offering the Lite Fanta Mango Slurpee - a sugar-free version made with Splenda.
  • (Modern Mom)
  • When retailers and restaurants offer freebies, the point is to draw attention—not controversy.
  • (Time)
  • MILFORD -- The 7-Eleven at 329 Old Gate Lane was held up late Monday night, police said. A man entered the store at 11:24 p.m. with a small black gun in his hand and demaneded that the employee to open the register.
  • (Ct Post)

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