Sunday, November 4, 2012


  • November Becomes "Movember" for Men's Health

    Movember is a movement that takes place annually in November to raise money for prostate and testicular cancer awareness. All of the money raised helps fund educational initiatives, survivorship programs, prostate cancer research, and other men's ...

  • Movember spotlights men's health through mustaches

    Movember is officially here to raise awareness about men's health issues, namely prostate and testicular cancer. By encouraging men to grow mustaches -- or "Mo's" - throughout November, the creators of the campaign aim to change "the face of men's ...

  • Movember: A face-first plunge into mustache glory or ruin

    "The bulk of you will end this month with something atrocious on your lip," he says in a Movember video helpfully titled "How to Grow a Mustache with Nick Offerman.

  • Canadiens, Canucks face off in 'Movember' challenge

    Thursday, as the annual "Movember" charity drive began, the Montreal Canadiens' Twitter page issued a good-natured challenge to the west-coast rival Vancouver Canucks.

  • Happy Movember! Hip-Pop's Greatest Mustaches Of All Time (PHOTOS)

    Almost instantly, Movember went from being a cult following to a worldwide phenomenon. Now, 13 years later, Movember is celebrated by men like it's Christmas, all in a effort to fight common male issues, including colon cancer, depression and erectile ...

  • Karl Alzner's Movember 2011 look (photo by Philipp Van der Vossen of Capitals ...

    November is normally a time of charitable deeds for several Capitals players, who have been participating in an event called Movember in recent years by growing mustaches in an effort to raise money for men's health. Because of this season's lockout, ...

  • How to Grow a Beard or Moustache for No-Shave November or Movember

    Movember "Mo Bros" go to this website, sign a pledge, agree to grow a moustache and to get sponsors to donate money to prostate and testicular cancer research (think the guy version of all that pink we saw in October).

  • Movember: Remembering the Top Ten Best Mustaches in NHL History

    With Movember now upon us bringing awareness to men's health issues, I wanted to take a look back into recent memory and list the top ten best mustaches in NHL history.

  • Movember Foundation raises money for cancer research (+video)

    As the Movember Foundation proves, raising money for cancer research can take just about any form. While this charity supports testicular and prostate cancer research through conventional private donations, its public mustache advocacy, which requests ...

  • Don't Grow A Moustache For Movember, Get An Artist's Impression!

    November is here, and that means countless men across the world are growing a brand new moustache to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer under the Movember movement. Running since 2004, the campaigns have really taken off in the last ...

  • Antonio Garay Reppin for Movember

    Of course Antonio Garay would rep for Movember and he would do it with more flavor than anyone else. Garay is one of the most colorful players in the league with his Dennis Rodman hair and his Hello Kitty smart car.

  • WestJet's got Mo(re) planned for Movember

    CALGARY, Nov. 2, 2012 -- Airline hopes a stach-fastic plane will take fundraising efforts to new heights. CALGARY, Nov. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - WestJet today announced it will be having a little Mo fun during the month of November as it raises funds in ...

  • The Moustaches of Movember come to Oregon Trail: American Settler on Android

    In news that can be considered both hilarious and heartwarming, Gameloft has announced a partnership with Movember, the mustache-growing charity that raises awareness about men's health every November.

  • icenhauer's Celebrates Movember all Month: Cocktail Proceeds Support ...

    These hip, walking billboards, sometimes referred to as Mo Bros, promote conversation about the subject, throw parties celebrating Movember, and raise money for causes supporting men's health. The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly a quarter ...

  • Movember 2012: A Month Of Growing Moustaches For Men's Health Awareness ...

    Since 2004, advocates have been using the month of November -- a.k.a. Movember -- as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for men's health, specifically for prostate and testicular cancers.

  • Android Apps of the Week: Movember, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, and More

    Android Apps of the Week: Movember, Amazon Cloud Drive Photos, and More. By Leslie Horn. It's been a really long week but we're not done yet—as usual, here's our latest edition of the best Android apps of the week.

  • A Month to Movember + Randoms

    I think I mentioned in a blog about six months ago that my father has cancer. Inoperable prostate cancer, to be specific. He's been given roughly 18 months to live.

  • Channel Nick Offerman During "Movember" with a Moustache and a Torchy's ...

    Many of you may know him as Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation, or even better, from his wedding portrait. When he's not developing his skills as a fine worker of wood or a classically trained theatrical actor, during Movember, Offerman will be taming ...

  • Movember: Who's growing what — and why!

    Should you happen to see more fuzz on faces than usual this month, consider that the fellas are not simply just letting themselves go, they're taking part Movember - a month-long event that raises awareness for prostate cancer and mental health issues.

  • The Spoons kick off Movember drive

    Classic Bowl, which is near Winston Churchill Blvd. and Dundas St. W., will be raising money for Movember throughout the month by donating the net proceeds from rental of special Bowlvember 4 November shoes to the campaign.

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