Sunday, November 4, 2012


  • USC Halloween shooting suspect is security guard

    The suspect arrested in connection with the Halloween shooting on the USC campus that wounded four people is a security guard, records show.

  • Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Celebrate Halloween as Batman and Catwoman

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's getups of Batman and Catwoman for a Halloween party (at Miami's famous Fontainbleau Hotel) barely left any part of their body uncovered but they still were pretty recognisable, thanks to her trademark bum.

  • Halloween Pity Party | Living with Gleigh

    It had to happen eventually - both my children were home on Halloween. My husband, oldest daughter and I went to a Halloween party for about an hour at a family friend's house. They had a bonfire and a warm dinner feast. I made my oldest daughter dress ...

  • HALLOWEEN: How Gloria Ayala face paints

    Gloria Ajala, office manager at Tahquitz High in Hemet, did a great job with face paint for Halloween that had a Dia de los Muertos influence.

  • Chris Brown's Halloween Costume Defended By Mom

    Chris Brown's Halloween costume was a conversation starter to say the least. While it's doubtful that guests at Rihanna's Los Angeles Halloween party criticized the singer and his boys, some fans on Twitter immediately called him distasteful for ...

  • Konicky family shows Halloween spirit

    One of the most elaborate Halloween displays in the region could be found at the home of Jeff and Wendy Konicky of Conemaugh Township, Cambria County.

  • 17 Things You Don't Know About Horror Film 'Halloween'

    ... consider the man who came up with the idea for the horror classic. We read autobiography The Man Who Created Halloween, and learned Irwin Yablans may have never went into film production if it weren't for the interference of his younger brother, Frank.

  • It Was Halloween in the Lower East Side on Wednesday

    Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night. I remember Halloween. This Halloween, I DJed at Lit, one of the few bars with electricity below 38th Street.

  • Halloween, anniversaries inspire local party-goers

    Toledo Country Club's family Halloween party included a light buffet, a magic show, a clown who that made animal-shaped balloons, hayrides, homemade doughnuts and hot cider, and a costume parade.

  • Halloween Hoot stirs memories of Beverly Park

    Every Sunday, I go out to Ann Arbor to play Ultimate and have dinner with my friends. Lately, it's been the highlight of my week, as it's my chance to escape Allerton Drive, the street I grew up on.

  • The Freshman: Halloween parties, Salem witch trial tours at Emerson College

    Halloween weekend came to a close with our common room packed with students. The boys were doing their best not to be obnoxious even though they were filled with so much energy they might burst.

  • Troy Halloween Parade resumes after Sandy

    Review Photo/ERIC HRIN Jessica Chilson, left, and Bonnie Carey, dressed as a ghost and a witch, respectively, were all ready for the Troy Chamber of Commerce Halloween Parade Saturday. Photo: N/A, License: N/A. Review Photo/ERIC HRIN A child ...

  • Halloween book giveaway had the right spirit

    This Halloween I had the opportunity to join Read for Life handing out free books at what has been become an annual festival on Cajon Street.

  • Hurricane Sandy Style, Halloween Makeup And More Instagrams Of The Week ...

    Although the bad weather had us down and out, we still managed to enjoy a few beers, paint our nails and celebrate Halloween. Check out the photos below and make sure to follow us on your iPhone or Android. Looking to volunteer or donate to Hurricane ...

  • Halloween Bombing Kills 2, Injuries 37 in Colombia

    Bogotá, Colombia - As 5,000 children were celebrating Halloween in a plaza in Colombia, a suitcase bomb exploded, killing two suspected bombers and injuring 37 people, including two boys who were hospitalized in critical condition Thursday, authorities ...

  • Dave on Demand: Halloween, where sitcom gags go to die

    Costumes, masks, pranks, pop-culture sight gags, strange people coming to the door, eating jokes - Halloween just seems like an occasion designed for sitcoms.

  • Halloween masks used in robbery outside high school

    A 15-year-old high school freshman was robbed on Halloween outside his West Rogers Park school by three guys wearing masks who made off with his iPod, according to police and the boy's mother.

  • Letter: Shift in Halloween date inconsiderate

    As the storm progressed and phone calls came in, our Halloween plans changed daily. Waking up on Halloween morning we had a plan in place.

  • Halloween trick leaves lots of treats

    Halloween has always been about my seventh-favorite holiday of the year, and it would even be ranked a lot higher if they would just federalize it so you wouldn't have to get out of bed and go to work that day.

  • Beth's Cafe on Halloween night

    Cook manager Alex Larson checks order tickets to make sure they're right while wearing a dress for Halloween during the graveyard shift at Beth's Cafe, a 24-hour diner established in 1954 on Aurora near Green Lake in Seattle.

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