Thursday, October 4, 2012


  • Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Grows; 5 Dead, 30 Sick

    A rare form of fungal meningitis has killed five people and sickened 30 across six states, and more are expected, health officials said today.

  • Death toll from rare form of meningitis up to five

    Five people have died and 35 have developed a rare fungal meningitis in a widening U.S. outbreak caused by contaminated vials of injectable steroid medication for back pain, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

  • Doctor: 'Never seen meningitis outbreak like this

    A rare meningitis outbreak has infected 35 people in six states, including Maryland and Viriginia, health officials warn. All received steroid injections, a fairly typical treatment.

  • Meningitis outbreak spotlights risks from custom-mixed drugs

    New England Compounding is seen in Framingham, Mass., Thursday. An outbreak of a rare and deadly form of fungal meningitis that has killed 4 people and sickened another 26 in five states is believed to have been traced back to a steroid manufactured by ...

  • Meningitis outbreak hits Virginia

    As many as 500 people treated at two medical facilities in Southwest Virginia may have received steroid injections linked to an investigation of a deadly outbreak of a rare fungal meningitis infection. Nationally, 35 people have been sickened ...

  • Rare form of meningitis infecting people being treated for pain

    That new territory has people around the country wondering if they are infected with a form of fungal meningitis that has killed five people so far.

  • Some answers about meningitis outbreak

    Federal and state health officials are investigating an outbreak of a rare and deadly form of meningitis. Some details: Q: How big is the outbreak?

  • TN meningitis outbreak grows Thursday

    A national meningitis outbreak continues to grow. Tennessee has been hit the hardest so far. New Tennessee cases brings the total 25 infected patients.

  • Rare US meningitis outbreak grows; 4 dead, 22 sick

    By MIKE STOBBE, Associated Press - 1 minute ago. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - An outbreak of a rare form of meningitis is likely to grow after sickening 26 people in five states, including four who died, health officials warned.

  • One of 35 cases of fungal meningitis reported nationally may be in Evansville

    EVANSVILLE - At least one of the 35 cases of fungal meningitis reported nationwide and suspected to to have been caused by injections of a contaminated steroid medication appears to be local.

  • Meningitis death confirmed at Lewis Gale hospital in Salem

    Lewis Gale spokesperson, Joy Sutton, said three people have tested positive for meningitis and one of them died. Sutton said one patient who passed away a couple of weeks ago tested positive for meningitis and had received a spinal epidural, or one of ...

  • Meningitis Outbreak: Woman Worries For Her Health After Taking Steroid

    A Sturgis, Kentucky woman says she received a steroid injection from St. Mary's Surgicare at Crosspointe facility. Patsy Bivins suffers from stenosis and fibromyalgia -- two medical conditions that leave her with chronic pain.

  • Meningitis Vaccine Now Recommended for Certain HIV+ Gay Men in NYC

    Since 2010, there have been 13 cases of Neisseria meningitidis—the bacterium responsible for the disease, which causes high fever, headache, stiff neck, and rash and may lead to life-threatening meningitis and pneumonia—among MSM residing in four of ...

  • Local patients treated in meningitis outbreak

    WSLS 10 has learned two clinics here in Southwest Virginia gave injections to patients that are directly linked to an out-of-state pharmacy medical investigators believe caused a multi-state meningitis outbreak. The Virginia Department of Health ...

  • Rare Meningitis Cases at 26 in 5 States, 4 Deaths

    An outbreak of a rare and deadly form of meningitis has now sickened 26 people in five states who received steroid injections mostly for back pain, health officials said Wednesday.

  • Meningitis Tied to Pharmacy

    Federal authorities are investigating the role of a specialized pharmacy in Massachusetts in an outbreak of meningitis that has sickened 26 people in five states after they received spinal steroid injections to relieve back pain.

  • Five Dead, Dozens Sick After Meningitis Outbreak

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) - Indiana's Department Of Health confirmed Thursday one case of a rare form of fungal meningitis tied to a recalled back pain medication was given to a patient at a health care provider in the state. Health officials reported ...

  • In Outbreak, Meningitis Is Reported in 5 States

    An outbreak of a rare type of meningitis, linked to spinal injections for back pain, is growing and has killed four people and sickened at least 30 others in five states, health officials said on Wednesday.

  • Meningitis outbreak growing in Tennessee, expands to North Carolina and other ...

    Five new cases of meningitis have been confirmed in the past 24 hours in Tennessee, while new cases have been confirmed in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Florida - and the outbreak could potentially spread to even more states.

  • UN-backed vaccination drive seeks to protect West Africans from seasonal ...

    4 October 2012 - Over 50 million people in West Africa are to be immunized against seasonal meningitis over the next three months, marking a major step in a United Nations-supported campaign to eliminate the potentially fatal disease.

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