Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lindsay Lohan

  • Lifetime Exec Says Lindsay Lohan Is "Magical" as Elizabeth Taylor, Would ...

    There were various reports that Lindsay Lohan wasn't exactly an exemplary employee on the set of Liz & Dick, the made-for-TV film in which she played Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Lindsay Lohan Attempts to Steal Attention from Whitney Kropp

    After inserting herself into the Tom Cruise Vanity Fair report about him interviewing potential wives, Lindsay Lohan has decided to make herself a part of a story Katie Couric featured on her show on Tuesday about a community coming together after a ...

  • Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddy -- We're NOT Dating!

    Lindsay Lohan is ABSOLUTELY NOT in a committed relationship with the rich and famous artist who lets the actress drive his expensive cars whenever she wants ... this according to the artist. In case you forgot, Lohan was driving Domingo Zapata's fancy ...

  • Amanda Bynes: Lindsay Lohan Is A B-tch

    If you thought Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan were friends, you were wrong. In actuality, the troubled actresses don't get along and want nothing to do with each other.

  • Lindsay Lohan tussles with congressional staffer in Manhattan hotel room over ...

    Lindsay Lohan got into a scuffle with a congressional staffer over cellphone pictures. She told cops he tried to choke her.

  • Lindsay Lohan: Professional Cell Phone Snatcher?

    lindsay-lohan-phone-stealer-w-hotel.jpg. Ruh roh! Even though Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity, she does NOT like getting her picture taken… you know, unless she gets $$$ or has a gun in her mouth.

  • Lindsay Lohan talks about 'scary' incident

    Lindsay Lohan has spoken out after she was allegedly assaulted in New York over the weekend , calling the incident "scary" and insisting she is still "in shock".

  • Lindsay Lohan's W Hotel Attack: Michael & Dina Lohan Speak Out!

    ... Poo > Lindsay Lohan > Legal Matters > Dina Lohan > Michael Lohan. linday-lohan-w-hotel-assault-dina-lohan-michael-.

  • Lindsay Lohan: I was bullied

    Lindsay Lohan revealed she knew her share of "Mean Girls" before she played one in Tina Fey's movie. The 26-year-old actress reacted to an emotional episode "Katie" on Tuesday, which showcased the story of bullied Michigan student Whitney Kropp.

  • Lindsay Lohan defends mom Dina's talk show appearance on 'Dr. Phil,' calls ...

    Lindsay Lohan's mommy dearest is the latest Lohan to take on the tag-team tabloid spotlight, and this time, it's the "Mean Girls" star who's coming to the rescue.

  • As Lo as a ma can go

    It's hard to find a speck of sympathy for Lindsay Lohan, who has lately moved her one-woman crazy act from LA to New York, cutting a swath of destruction, depravity and potential doom in the wee hours, when sane adults are counting sheep.

  • Lindsay Lohan reminds you that it's October 3 (thanks, 'Mean Girls')

    Google. lindsay-lohan-mean-girls-october-3.jpg Today, October 3, is a momentous occasion: It's when Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) what day it was in the seminal teen comedy "Mean Girls." "I've been talking to Aaron more and more.

  • Lindsay Lohan claims congressional aide tried to choke her

    Lindsay Lohan claims a man who reportedly works for Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.), attacked and tried to choke her in her room at the W Hotel in Union Square, New York.

  • Lindsay Lohan, friend have trouble in a Manhatten hotel

    October 1, 2012. Lindsay Lohan, friend have trouble in a Manhatten hotel. Lindsay Lohan had another rough day, reportedly getting into a fight with a male acquaintance in a Mahhaten hotel.

  • Charges against Lindsay Lohan's alleged attacker dropped

    The actress accused Christian LaBella, 25, of assault after the pair got into an altercation at the W Hotel in Manhattan's Union Square over alleged photos he had taken of her without permission.

  • Happy 'Mean Girls' day! : Lindsay Lohan then and now is celebrating Mean Girls Day with a look back at Lindsay Lohan's career (or lack of) over the past 8 years.

  • Lindsay Lohan alleged hotel assault: Christian LaBella 'stunned' by his arrest ...

    The congressional aide who tangled with Lindsay Lohan over a cellphone is "stunned" that he's being cast as the villain in the starlet's latest legal drama.

  • Lindsay Lohan rushed to hospital with lung infection

    Lindsay Lohan had another dramatic night Sunday, this time visiting a Manhattan emergency room for a chest infection. The "Mean Girls" star visited Mt.

  • Lindsay Lohan Demanding Christian LaBella Delete Pics: Right or Wrong?

    Lindsay Lohan's "terrifying" incident last weekend involving Christian LaBella in New York last weekend was reportedly sparked by him taking photos of her.

  • Lindsay Lohan Stands By Her Mom… & Justin Bieber's, Too!

    Lindsay Lohan might be dealing with her own dramz right now, but that doesn't mean she's backing down from sticking up for her mom!

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