Friday, November 2, 2012

Trick or Treat

  • Trick-or-treat surprise shocks parents

    It appears that it is a pill that resembles a dietary supplement police say it was wrapped in what looked like Hershey kiss -- and found by a six year old -- digging through their candy after getting home from trick or treating. The child didn't needed ...

  • 2nd Annual Trick-or-Treat event draws hundreds of kids downtown

    Businesses and organizations participating in Trick-or-Treat Downtown included 2nd Avenue Art Guild, the Dodge City Police Department, Salon Exotica and Corenlius Episcopal Church among many others.

  • Trick or treat? Biden kids about a 2016 run

    SARASOTA, Florida (Reuters) - For his political opponents, Vice President Joe Biden might have been playing a trick, but for some of his ardent supporters, he could have been dispensing a special treat on Halloween: mentioning on Wednesday a possible ...

  • Cleveland asks residents to cancel trick-or-treating, citing 'hundreds' of ...

    Superstorm Sandy pulled down hundreds of trees -- and power lines -- in Northeast Ohio, including this one in Lakewood, a West Side suburb of Cleveland, where Mayor Frank Jackson has asked residents not to allow their children to trick-or-treat this ...

  • UK man charged after children given trick-or-treat cocaine bags

    London (CNN) -- Police in northern England were called to investigate this week after children who were out trick-or-treating for Halloween were given small snap-top bags of what turned out to be cocaine. The bags, containing white powder, were given ...

  • Trick or treat! Most heed Christie's edict postponing Halloween

    she said. So, despite a message on their answering machine from the township telling them not to take the kids out trick-or-treating, Kristy and Andrew Dymond dressed A.J. as Batman and their 1-year-old daughter, Natalie, as Snow White, and hit the ...

  • Trick or Treat? A Look at Halloween Themed DLC

    Regardless, of its origins Halloween, in the modern-era at least, has become a mainstream occurrence with kids wandering around dressed up in store-bought costumes saying "Trick or Treat!" for candy and other goodies. It's also become a major cash cow ...

  • Paul Ryan Pauses to Trick or Treat

    Paul Ryan combined the campaign trail with dad duty this evening taking his three young children trick or treating on Halloween using the same route he and his brothers took as children in their hometown.

  • Avoiding Trick-or-Treat Candy Over-Consumption

    Well-balanced Pre Trick-or-Treating Meal: Serve your kids a healthy, well-balanced meal before going out trick-or-treating. Be sure to include whole grains, vegetables and lean protein. This will fill them up so they are less likely to consume a lot of ...

  • News 2 Knocks On Halloween Drunk Driver's Door

    Trick Or Treat Scare: Drunk Driver Michael Jenkins Hits Two Cars On Halloween. 7:05 PM, Nov 2, 2012 | comments · Tweet; Share.

  • Shippensburg tricks, treats to happen despite storm

    Superstorm Sandy may have blown away the Shippensburg area's initial attempts at trick or treat this year, but officials have rescheduled the Halloween fun.

  • Trick-or-treat scheduled today

    The Fostoria Fire Station, 233 W. South St., will be open during trick or treat, where children may meet the firefighters, who will hand out free goodie bags to the first 200 trick-or-treaters in costume.

  • Trick-or-treat this Sunday and more: this weekend in Beachwood

    BEACHWOOD - Due to side effects from Hurricane Sandy, Halloween trick-or-treat hours have been reschedule to Sunday night, 5 to 7 p.m.

  • Another Superstorm casualty: Trick-or-treating

    Also planning some double-dipping was Amber Korell of Greensboro, Md., where trick-or-treating was set for Friday. Korell said she'd told her 4-year-old daughter, Layla, that they'd also hit the town of nearby Denton, which was celebrating on Saturday ...

  • Friday Humor: Trick or Treat & US Elections

    This Year's Halloween and trick or treat are plagued with political cartoons that are both funny and say a lot about those who are running for key government positions.

  • Trick Or Treat For Netflix: Carl Icahn Reveals Stake, Sees Takeover Value

    Billionaire Carl Icahn has taken a stake in Netflix, composed largely of call options, that could leave him holding 9.98% of the company's shares, according to a disclosure with the SEC Wednesday.

  • Trick-or-treat this Sunday and more: this weekend in Chagrin Valley

    CHAGRIN VALLEY - Due to side effects from Hurricane Sandy, Halloween trick-or-treat hours have been reschedule for Pepper Pike, Orange Village, Moreland Hills and Bentleyville to Sunday night, 6 to 8 p.m.

  • GM's Credit Policy: Trick, Not Treat

    This was greeted as a treat by the market as the stock rallied over 9.5% on the day from $23.28 to $25.50. Readers should be aware of my previous negative stance on the company in articles such as GM: Caveat Emptor, GM: Caveat Emptor Update, and GM: ...

  • Short Takes: Trick or Treat

    "Well, it's nice that in our neighborhood older kids still go out," I said, thinking of the several baritone requests I receive every Halloween to "trick or treat." "How can you be too old to trick or treat?" she asked, wonderingly. "Well, I didn't ...

  • Trick-or-treat tonight and more: this weekend in Hillcrest

    HILLCREST - Due to side effects from Hurricane Sandy, Halloween trick-or-treat hours have been reschedule to tonight, Nov. 2. FRIDAY.

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