Sunday, November 4, 2012

NYC Marathon

  • NYC Marathon Runners Find Their Own Way to Run–And Give Back

    On Friday evening, with slightly more than 36 hours to go before the 2012 ING NYC Marathon, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg cancelled the annual event, amid criticisms the runners would be siphoning off valuable resources needed in the city's ...

  • Should the NYC Marathon Go On? - VIDEO

    I'm ambivalent about the NYC Marathon generally, and in particular about staging it right now, but how would all of the thousdands of runners re-book airline tickets and hotel reservations for next week, let alone sometime next Spring?

  • NYC Marathon off, Wade donates to relief effort

    The New York City Marathon is off, and a marathon ride into the city prompted Dwyane Wade to help those still dealing with the horrendous aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

  • No NYC Marathon to run for group of Native Americans who were racing to ...

    The 43rd running of the ING New York City Marathon is now, of course, the latest victim of the wreckage left behind by Sandy, done in by the growing firestorm about holding the race in a city with neighborhoods that look like the Gulf Coast, post-Katrina.

  • NYC Marathon Off: How Runners Can (and Should) Help With Sandy Relief Efforts

    With the cancelation of the NYC Marathon there are now upwards of 40,000 able-bodied and strong-willed individuals in the New York area who can still put all of these attributes to good use, including me.

  • BLSC: Decision to cancel NYC Marathon is absolutely the right one

    After proclaiming on Wednesday that today's NYC Marathon would go on as planned despite the widespread devastation left in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and event organizers reversed course Friday.

  • Contenders Miss Out on Chance for Big Payday

    Tens of thousands of weekend warriors will return to their day jobs, having lost only travel costs and entry fees with the cancellation of the New York City Marathon. But contenders missed a chance to earn what amounted to half a year's salary.

  • NYC Marathon Runner Turns Volunteer

    Debbie Clark is a Winston-Salem resident who was in New York City to run the marathon but instead of coming home after it was canceled, she decided to stay and help.

  • NYC Marathon Is Canceled Following Storm Damage

    Gisela Clausen delivered the news to her fellow runners from Germany as they walked into the New Yorker Hotel. "We spend a year on this.

  • New York City Marathon Canceled Too Late for Many

    Fresh off his flight from San Francisco Friday afternoon, Leland Kim had just picked up his numbered marathon bib and registration packet at the Javits Center and was headed to the ING New York City Marathon Expo. Then he got a text message from a ...

  • Storm victims outraged that NYC Marathon generators sat idle in Linden for ...

    Generators.JPG A truckload of generators from the cancelled New York City marathon sat idle in Linden on Saturday, but not this one in Succasunna on Oct. 31.

  • Mayor Bloomberg says NYC Marathon canceled

    With people in storm-ravaged areas still shivering without electricity and the death toll in New York City at more than 40, many New Yorkers recoiled at the prospect of police officers being assigned to protect a marathon on Sunday. © 2012 The ...

  • Nets opener postponed by Sandy; NYC Marathon on

    The Nets' regular-season debut in Brooklyn will have to wait. The New York City Marathon, however, is good to go. With mass transportation still crippled in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked the NBA to postpone ...

  • Two Harvard Students Are Running "New York City Marathon" in Boston to ...

    "By running the marathon in Boston at the same time as the NYC Marathon, we hope to achieve the goal we have been training for, as well as raise awareness of the current dire situation in New York," Baker told BostInno.

  • NYC marathon cancellation the 'right move ' 2 Long Island runners say

    Two Long Island marathoners whose lives were affected by the damage caused by superstorm Sandy expressed relief after the mayor Friday canceled the New York City Marathon. "They took the pressure off of us, the runners, from having to make a choice," ...

  • NYC Marathon Canceled But Man Still Proposes At Finish Line [PHOTOS]

    Like all the competitors who trained for the 2012 NYC Marathon, Hannah Vahaba will not be running the race this year. But she also will never forget her moment at the finish line.

  • NYC Marathon CEO explains decision to call off race

    2012 - Nothing has stopped the running of the New York City Marathon during the last 42 years. Not even the terrorist attacks of 2001 which occurred two months prior to the race.

  • NYC Marathon Takes Right Road

    At almost the last minute, the 2012 New York City Marathon has been canceled, ending several days' worth of needless agitation in a storm-struck city.

  • NYC Marathon Facing Backlash

    New York state senator Liz Krueger, ESPN commentator Larry Rawson, NYC Marathon entrant Kris LoPresto, and Dallas Marathon executive director Marcus Grunewald debate over the decision to hold the New York City marathon on Sunday. Tags: NYC ...

  • Runners from around the world sound off on NYC Marathon

    By the time he landed in New York, the race was still on, and Bloomberg confirmed early Friday afternoon there was no intention of canceling the marathon in the wake of the storm which ravaged the city and region. Hours after that, it was canceled late ...

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