Friday, November 2, 2012

Jessie Andrews

  • Miley Cyrus Stars With Porn Star Jessie Andrews In Israeli DJ Borgore's New ...

    The video for the song, which is about and also stars Borgore's ex-girlfriend -- porn star Jessie Andrews -- features a giant cake, little people, unicorns, break-dancing, goats, a woman who smashes watermelons with her boobs and... Bill Clinton? (Keep ...

  • Jessie Andrews and James Deen: How Porn Stars Are (Kinda) Going Mainstream

    As for Cyrus, yep, you can catch porn star Jessie Andrews in the brand-new video she made with dubstep artist Borgore, "Decisions.

  • Jessie Andrews, Adult Film Star, Films Music Video with Miley Cyrus

    "She doesn't want to be Hannah Montana anymore; she wants to be her own person," Andrews told MTV of Miley's steps toward adulthood over the past couple years.

  • Miley Cyrus Parties With Unicorn, Porn Star Jessie Andrews in "Decisions ...

    Borgore's ex-girlfriend—20-year-old porn star Jessie Andrews—whom the DJ wrote the song about, is also featured in the wild video.

  • 20-year-old porn star Jessie Andrews stars in Miley Cyrus' new music video

    Miley Cyrus is set to cause a stir by hiring a 20-year-old, award-winning porn star to appear in the video for her new single, The Sun reports.

  • Miley Cyrus' new 'Decisions' video to feature adult film star Jessie Andrews

    If you think Miley Cyrus' new "Decisions" music video, which will be released later this week, will be hot, you don't know the half of it.

  • Miley Cyrus Makes Some Risque Decisions With Porn Star In New Music Video!

    Oh, and not just ANY skin flick chick either. Jessie Andrews, winner of AVN's Best Actress award this year, will be sexxxing up dancing next to Miley, in some steamy action!

  • Miley Cyrus Teams Up With Porn Star Jessie Andrews

    The latest installment in Miley Cyrus' transformation from Hannah Montana to sexy adult vixen woman involves her teaming up with adult film star Jessie Andrews, the reigning AVN (Adult Video News) Awards winner for Best Actress, in her new music video ...

  • Jessie Andrews Photo: Miley Cyrus 'Decisions' Music Video Features 20 Year ...

    Jessie Andrews, a 20-year-old porn star will be making an appearance in Cyrus and Israeli DJ Borgore's upcoming "Decisions" music video.

  • Jessie Andrews, 20-Year-Old Porn Star, To Appear In Miley Cyrus' New Video ...

    Jessie Andrews, a 20-year-old adult film actress, is set to appear in Cyrus' new video for "Decisions" slated to release next week, according to The Sun.

  • Miley Cyrus Casts Porn Star In New Music Video -- Report

    TMZ reports that Miley recently filmed a music video for her and DJ Borgore's new song "Decisions" - and the video co-stars the Israeli DJ's porn-star ex Jessie Andrews, 20, who he wrote the song about! The video was shot a few weeks ago at Hollywood ...

  • Miley Cyrus casts porn star in new music video

    The singer/actress has made another bold move that has people talking by casting porn star, Jessie Andrews, in her yet to be released music video, Hollywood Life reported on Oct. 31.

  • A goat and a unicorn not enough? Miley Cyrus hires porn star Jessie Andrews to ...

    But this time it's not haircuts, or sideboobs or smoking cigarettes - it's working with porn stars. TMZ reports that Cyrus and her DJ friend Borgore hired Borgore's ex-girlfriend, Jessie Andrews, for Cyrus's new music video, Decisions, which comes out ...

  • Miley Cyrus Casts Porn Star Jessie Andrews In Music Video

    Cementing her status as rebel wannabe, Miley Cyrus recently attracted attention for her controversial casting choice surrounding her new Decisions music video.

  • Jessie Andrews, Porn Star, to Star in Sexy New Miley Cyrus Music Video

    Miley Cyrus and fiance Liam Hemsworth(Photo : Reuters). Miley Cyrus is going all out in transforming her look into a more adult one from her former Hannah Montana days by inviting Jessie Andrews, a porn star, to feature in her upcoming music video.

  • Miley Cyrus Hired Porn Star for 'Decisions' Music Video

    Miley Cyrus Hired Porn Star for 'Decisions' Music Video. Add Comment. October 31, 2012 17:51:12 GMT. This year's AVN Awards Best Actress Jessie Andrews agreed to take part in Cyrus and DJ Borgore's weird music video. Tweet ...

  • Miley Cyrus "Wants To Be Her Own Person," Jessie Andrews Says

    Miley Cyrus is changing her image from the innocent Hannah Montana past and turning into what some consider to be "her own person," porn star Jessie Andrews said. Cyrus sings in the chorus of the dubstep track "Decisions" by Borgore, which is about the ...

  • Miley Cyrus, Porn Star Appear Together in Music Video

    MTV reports that the 19-year-old country-pop singer appears with porn star Jessie Andrews in the outlandish new video for Israeli dubstep DJ Borgore's "Decisions," set for release today.

  • Update Expected in Search for Gabbiee Swainson

    Enter your tip here and it will be sent straight to Tiffany Barkley, Editor Shireese Bell, Hal Millard, Meagean Dugger, Jessie Gable, Shawn Drury, and Editor Adam Crisp, St. Andrews Patch's (incredibly grateful) editors. Your name ...

  • Miley Cyrus hires porn star to appear in her latest video

    Adult film actress Jessie Andrews takes a leading role in the promo for Miley's latest track Decisions. The 20-year-old blonde picked up the gong for Best Actress at this years Adult Video News Awards after appearing in an array of saucy flicks.

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