Thursday, November 1, 2012


  • USC shooting: Halloween party billed as safe with 'no worries'

    A Halloween party in the heart of the USC campus where four young men were shot and wounded was pitched as a safe, officially sanctioned event: "Strict Off Duty Officers plus Campus [Police] = No Worries.

  • Chris Brown's Questionable Halloween Costume

    Brown changed to attend Rihanna's Halloween party in West Hollywood, donning a turban and a more elaborate ammo-robe. His rep didn't immediately respond to questions about his costumes, but Brown's mom tweeted, "HALLOWEEN IS FOR FUN ...

  • An Option for All That Halloween Candy

    If you work at home, like me, and have children, like me, you are perhaps struggling (or will be soon if you live in the area hit by Hurricane Sandy) to stay away from their giant bags laden with Halloween candy. As always, the Milky Ways are calling ...

  • Santa Cruz police arrest 32 arrests on Halloween night

    Fines are tripled for tickets given to those who break city ordinances on Halloween, making a ticket for public urination run about $576 and an open alcohol container violation increase to $480.

  • Halloween Around The World (PHOTOS)

    Wednesday night marked Halloween, not just in the United States, but across the world. Children ventured out trick-or-treating, while costumed partiers celebrated big in Japan and the UK.

  • Spain: 3 dead, 2 hurt in Halloween party stampede

    A mannequin's head, bottles and and other debris lie in the Madrid Arena venue car park Madrid, Thursday Nov. 1, 2012. Three women have been killed and two injured in a stampede during a large Halloween Night party at a Madrid indoor venue.

  • Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Explain: What Were Those Halloween ...

    What is the best cure for a sugar-saturated post-Halloween hangover? Waiting out the effects of the sugar coma by scrolling through all the fun photos of celebrities in costume, of course!

  • Halloween crash kills singer for metal band Suicide Silence

    The 28-year-old lead singer for the heavy-metal band Suicide Silence died Thursday from injuries he suffered Halloween night when he lost control of his motorcycle in Huntington Beach, authorities said.

  • Halloween Lobster Sports Orange and Black

    To celebrate the spooky season, the New England Aquarium revealed its latest acquisition: a half-orange, half-black "Halloween" lobster. Caught last week off the shores of Massachusetts, the one-pound, female lobster made her debut at the aquarium on ...

  • Celebrity Halloween: Who had the scariest starry bash?

    Another year, another costume, another crop of celebrity parties. Halloween went down in Los Angeles, but who came out on top?

  • Halloween Backlash: 2012 Was the Year Parents Got Sick of the Over-Priced ...

    Halloween Backlash 300x300 Halloween Backlash: 2012 Was the Year Parents Got Sick of the Over Despite being inundated with pre-Halloween images of "sexy" costumes for kids, I didn't actually see any costumes like that on kids yesterday, did you?

  • Brad Marchand's super(hero) Halloween

    Yes, that was idled Bruins [team stats] party boy Brad Marchand rockin' the Thor costume while roaming the streets of Southie with Wolverine and Captain America - and his dog dressed as Superman - on Halloween night. Brad and his pals, who were ...

  • New Yorkers rally to celebrate Halloween despite Sandy

    (CNN) -- Halloween will come a little late for some this year, thanks to Superstorm Sandy, but in areas of New York that didn't take a major beating, revelers and trick-or-treaters were eager to celebrate after days of being cooped up inside.

  • How the Superstorm Stole Halloween

    When the Park Slope Civic Council canceled its annual Halloween Parade this year, few were in a position to complain. Although the leafy, liberal, and often ridiculed Brooklyn neighborhood largely escaped the wrath of Sandy, it was hard to dispute the ...

  • Woman shot in car? No, just a bloody Halloween zombie

    Officers found a woman bloodied and slumped over the wheel of her car at a traffic light Thursday morning, reports. But the blood wasn't real, and she hadn't been shot.

  • Jenny McCarthy flaunts it for 40th birthday/Halloween

    2012 - Kim Kardashian showed off her slinky curves as Catwoman for Halloween. But Jenny MCarthy was pure sex kitten. Wearing little more than lingerie and a mask, the six-time Playboy model hit the red carpet last night in Las Vegas to flaunt what she ...

  • RGIII gives out socks for Halloween

    I guess I didn't spend any time thinking about what Robert Griffin III would be handing out to trick-or-treaters at his Leesburg home.

  • Colombia: Blast Disrupts Halloween Festivities

    Colombian authorities said Thursday that two men were killed and at least 37 people, including 14 children, were injured when a suitcase bomb the men were carrying on a bicycle exploded during Halloween festivities in the town of Pradera in Valle del ...

  • Kelsey Grammer's Ex Dressed As What For Halloween?!

    We previously told you the cray cray story of how Kelsey Grammer and his new wife Kayte hit up the Playboy Mansion Halloween party with their baby daughter… Now, just wait until you read what Kayte dressed up as! Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills stars ...

  • Dota 2's Halloween Soiree: Diretide

    Valve's Halloween holiday events continue in Dota 2, offering a unique take on the traditional map with Diretide. Players will discover a new mode of play available for the next week or so that brings with it Halloween themed chests, keys, gear, and an ...

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