Thursday, November 1, 2012

Breezy Point

  • Hurricane Sandy: Residents Assess Damage and Rebuild in Breezy Point

    Located on the southernmost edge of New York's Rockaway Peninsula, Breezy Point was one of the community's hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

  • Breezy Point, Queens fire incinerated 110 homes, looked like a 'war zone ...

    And as if the water wasn't enough, the Queens neighborhood of Breezy Point lost scores of homes to an inferno that erupted at the height of the storm even as other houses within a few blocks were washed away.

  • Panoramic view of Breezy Point destruction after Hurricane Sandy fire and flood

    In a community where firefighters are demigods, where a memorial at the end of the point honors more than 30 residents who lost their lives at the World Trade Center on Sept.

  • Flames destroy more than 100 homes in Breezy Point

    Flames destroy more than 100 homes in Breezy Point. Breezy Point, N.Y., home to 9/11 responders who lost their lives, suffered devastating losses as a result of Sandy.

  • 'Millionaires live here': Breezy Point, unrecognizably

    On the night of Oct. 30, John Cahill, an officer in Breezy Point's private security force, returned to his headquarters to find a tree trunk, about two feet in diameter, parked solidly in the front doorway.

  • Photos: Breezy Point ravaged by floods from Sandy, then fires

    (Stan Honda / AFP/Getty Images). Hundreds of residents of Breezy Point found their homes destroyed by a six-alarm fire that ripped through the beach community in Queens, New York, Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

  • Breezy Point Fire: At Least 80 Flooded Houses Destroyed By NYC Blaze

    By Tuesday morning, charred foundations of from 80 to 100 buildings were left in the sand at Breezy Point, a coastal community on Jamaica Bay known for its marshland and shorebirds.

  • Breezy Point, Queens looks forward after devastating fire following superstorm ...

    Not a single building on Breezy Point, Queens, has been left unscathed - first by the storm surge that rolled in and battered the community and then by the fire that ravaged blocks and blocks of homes on the barrier island.

  • Inside Breezy Point: How Two Producers Nearly Became Part of the Story

    We had our bottled water, our rain gear, our chips and were ready to tough out the storm with the citizens of Breezy Point, a beach town in Queens on the far end of New York City, and a place where Jim has family.

  • After Blaze, Breezy Point Bands Together

    Residents of the tightknit beach enclave of Breezy Point, Queens, sometimes known as the "Irish Riviera" for its overwhelming ethnic makeup, picked through the ashes of more than 100 homes destroyed by fire Monday night and contemplated the future of ...

  • Breezy Point: 'Whatever is not flooded is on fire'

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said firefighters contained the blaze at Breezy Point, Queens, by 11 a.m. on Tuesday, a full 12 hours after it was reported to the New York City Fire Department.

  • Daily News photographer Debbie Egan-Chin among those forced to flee Breezy ...

    Daily News photographer Debbie Egan-Chin said she and her family had no intention of abandoning their Breezy Point beach bungalow, but Sandy had other plans.

  • Dozens of Homes Destroyed in Breezy Point

    By Jennifer Maloney and Dionne Searcey. At least 80 flooded homes were destroyed by fire Monday night in Breezy Point, a neighborhood on the tip of New York's Rockaway Peninsula.

  • What it was like to ride out Hurricane Sandy in Breezy Point, Queens

    The winds roared and the waves lifted off the bay in giant balled fists and smashed onto the golden shores of Breezy Point, Queens, where Jack Nacmias braced with his wife, adult kids and 96-year-old grandmother-in-law.

  • Breezy Point Leveled by Rain and Flames in Hurricane Sandy

    While much of lower Manhattan remains dark, soggy, and now clogged with traffic, it's the outer boroughs that may have gotten the worst of Hurricane Sandy.

  • Breezy Point, Queens fire: Inferno that erupted at height of Sandy 'looked ...

    queens_20121031095957_JPG. People look through the remains of homes destroyed during Hurricane Sandy on October 30, 2012 in the Breezy Point Neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City. Copyright Getty Images. Regular Photo Size ...

  • ABC News' Jim DuBreuil And Keturah Gray Cover Hurricane Sandy From Breezy ...

    While Hurricane Sandy brought major flooding and strong winds to Breezy Point, it also fed a massive fire that took out dozens of homes during a blaze that raged for hours.

  • Inferno in Breezy Point

    Sponsored Links. Inferno in Breezy Point. Tweet · Share this · Email · Print · Neighbors Lucille Dwyer (R) and Linda Strong embrace after looking through the wreckage of.

  • Breezy Point Fire is One of the Most Destructive in NY History [PHOTOS]

    A fire caused by Hurricane Sandy destroyed 111 homes in Breezy Point, Queens this week, making it one of the most destructive blazes in New York history.

  • Breezy Point, Queens: NY Residents Return To Devastation, No Belongings ...

    Breezy Point residents never imagined the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy would be as bad as it is. In fact, most residents didn't even expect half the damage that they are no experiencing.

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