Monday, October 22, 2012

Taylor Swift Red

  • Taylor Swift 'Freaking Out' Over Red's Instant Success

    NEW YORK - It's been two years of planning, preparing, writing and recording, but the day has finally come: On Monday (October 22), Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated fourth album, Red. MTV News caught up with Swift on the big day, and as ...

  • Taylor Swift 'Red' liner notes: Jake Gyllenhaal gets off easy, plus a song for ...

    Today is the day that a new Taylor Swift album was released, so obviously we're doing our duty as Americans and over-analyzing her lyrics and her not-so-subtle liner note codes.

  • Taylor Swift's Red Teaches Fans To Break Up And 'Begin Again'

    After months of anticipation and several weeks of song teases, Taylor Swift's album, Red, has finally been released.

  • Taylor Swift's 'Red': Album Review

    "You don't know about me, but you want to," sings Taylor Swift on "22," one of the more delirious pop gems on her new album Red, due out October 22 on Big Machine Records. She's right: The national obsession with Swift's personal life shows no sign of ...

  • Taylor Swift glows on hot 'Red'

    2012 - The most noteworthy aspect of Taylor Swift's engaging fourth studio album Red (*** ½ out of four), out today, is not that she's ditched her country shadings (save for a mandolin or two) in favor of pure danceable pop.

  • Taylor Swift: 'Red' Deluxe Edition CD Launch Party!

    Taylor Swift goes glam for the Target Red Deluxe Edition CD Launch Party held at Skylight West on Monday (October 22) in New York City.

  • Trend Alert! Taylor Swift and Sophia Bush and Rock Red Lips

    Looking for a quick fix in the beauty department? Try a bold red lip for an instant pick-me-up that's simply ravishing and requires minimal effort.

  • Taylor Swift, 'Red': Track-By-Track Review

    In many ways, "Red" is Taylor Swift's first adult pop album. Where her self-titled debut and 2008's "Fearless" were the works of an accomplished teenage singer with a gift for confessional songwriting and soaring melodies, parts of the often ...

  • Cloud Atlas Trailer, Taylor Swift Red, and the Top Culture Stories This Week

    The presidential election may be only two weeks away, but don't let that deter you from catching up on all the top-notch arts and entertainment stories featured on PolicyMic.

  • Taylor Swift Tells All

    With Red, one of music's most successful female vocalists pushes the boundaries to prove she's ready to grow up. But that's not to say there aren't touches of the old Taylor Swift throughout her new album. The catchy song "22," titled after Swift's age ...

  • Don't Go Calling Taylor Swift a Feminist, Says Taylor Swift

    Don't Go Calling Taylor Swift a Feminist, Says Taylor Swift Taylor Swift's fourth album, Red, is out today.

  • Taylor Swift Talks 'Boldest' Song on 'Red' + Getting a Tattoo

    Taylor Swift is vulnerable, adorable and profoundly mature. She's 22, and has grown up right before our very eyes! Sure, she can channel the thoughts of tweens who are pining for a boy or trying to get over a breakup, but she can also write lyrically ...

  • HOT DISH: Taylor Swift Making Media Rounds to Promote Red

    HOT DISH: Taylor Swift Making Media Rounds to Promote Red. More News About Jamey Johnson, Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Others.

  • With her new album 'Red,' Taylor Swift grows up

    For a sense of how much Taylor Swift has matured on her new album, compare the title track with that of her last record. "Speak Now," from 2010, cast Swift as a hapless "girl" (in her words) who crashed the wedding of her ex-boyfriend and proceeded to ...

  • Taylor Swift's 'Red' released on Monday: Who will be her latest targets?

    Six-time Grammy winner, Taylor Swift has done it again. She's managed to put together another collection of music that is sure to have her fans singing in the aisles once again.

  • Taylor Swift Begins Again With New Album, Red

    Taylor Swift's fans were wondering when she'd ever finish her brand new record, Red. Meanwhile, Swift realized the precise moment when the record was finally ready.

  • Decoding Taylor Swift's Red: We Figured Out Who Each Song Is About

    Taylor Swift's new album came out yesterday, which means that I have about 16 new songs to sing in my car and that I can finally put my bachelor's degree in detective work to good use.

  • Taylor Swift Opens Up About Bleeding 'Red,' Living Under a Magnifying Glass + ...

    Taylor Swift is tired and a little glassy-eyed from a full day of interviews by the time we sit down to chat, but still she's warm, kind and, well, genuine.

  • Taylor Swift "Red" Album Is Released: Part Country, Part Swedish, with a Little U2

    Taylor Swift's "Red" album could be called "More Songs About Breaking Up with Boys…Some Who Are Famous." There are 16 songs.

  • Taylor Swift Interview Part II: Bleeding 'Red,' Living Under a Magnifying ...

    I had been writing for about a year when I wrote 'Red,' the song. And when I wrote that song, it's almost like everything shifted, and I wanted to take the album to a different place.

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