Friday, October 5, 2012


  • Adele's 'Skyfall' is in tune with James Bond history

    Adele's "Skyfall" has arrived. Themes from James Bond films run the gamut from the very good to the downright evil.

  • 'Skyfall' Clip Shows James Bond &d Trains Don't Mix

    Now MI6′s most valuable asset is back, and set to make his mark once again in Skyfall. And make his mark he shall, on more than audiences and Javier Bardem's villain, Raoul Silva.

  • Hulk Hogan really mad at Gawker over sex tape; Listen to Adele sing 'Skyfall'

    ... isn't this sort of thing inevitable? (TMZ). Adele's James Bond theme for "Skyfall" is now online. It arrived overnight and is already the top track on the UK iTunes chart.

  • Adele's 'Skyfall' hints at classic, traditional James Bond themes

    Currently the world's most popular singer, the not-so-closely-guarded secret that Adele would tackle the "Skyfall" theme was confirmed Monday, and already snippets of the song have appeared online.

  • Adele, 'Skyfall' & 50 years of James Bond theme songs

    adele007.JPG Adele was confirmed only Monday as the latest brassy voice to tackle a James Bond movie theme, and within hours a snippet of the new song -- "Skyfall," corresponding to the new Bond flick, starring Daniel Craig as 007, in U.S. theaters Nov.

  • Adele's "Skyfall" James Bond Theme: Why Does She Sound So Sleepy?

    Like everyone else on Earth, we are huge Adele fans. When 19 came out, we had our minds blown by the sheer passion and power on display from this absurdly young woman, and couldn't help but wonder if the album was a one-off or a fluke (remember ...

  • Ready for 'Skyfall'? James Bond movie franchise turns 50 years old

    We love James Bond films for so many reasons: the handsome men and beautiful women, the cool gadgets and outrageous villains, the amazing chases and death-defying stunts.

  • Featured in upcoming James Bond film SkyFall, AT&T debuts Xperia TL

    It may not be the star, but the Xperia TL will be featured in the upcoming James Bond cinema release Skyfall, The Xperia TL will be used in the film by 007 himself.

  • Adele's 'Skyfall' Theme: What We've Heard So Far

    Three days head of its scheduled premiere, fans can get a sneak peek at Adele's theme for the upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall," in the form of a 90-second snippet that leaked Tuesday (October 2). And really, that's all you need to realize the song is ...

  • 'Skyfall' Clip: James Bond Adjusts His Cufflinks Like A Boss (VIDEO)

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond -- "Dr. No" premiered in London on Oct. 5, 1962 -- Sony has released the first clip from the upcoming Bond adventure "Skyfall." It's a scene many of you may already be obsessed with: That moment when Bond ...

  • Adele Confirmed as 'Bond Girl' As New Skyfall Featurette Feeds Fan Frenzy

    9 premiere of Skyfall, the 23rd Bond film, is approaching—not nearly fast enough for Bond fans. But this week's news was enough to give us something to chew on.

  • Skyfall: what do you think of the first clip from Bond 22? - video

    Daniel Craig struts his stuff as 007 in this first clip from Skyfall, directed by Sam Mendes. This video shows him nearly, but not quite, missing a train.

  • Daniel Craig defends beer replacement in Skyfall

    Daniel Craig has defended why Heineken beer replaced the traditional "shaken not stirred" martini in the new James Bond movie Skyfall, insisting that it helped finance the blockbuster film. Both fans and critics were upset, when producers of Skyfall ...

  • Adele's 'Skyfall': Finally! A great James Bond theme! -- LISTEN

    The history of themes to James Bond films is a storied one. From Shirley Bassey's brassy "Goldfinger" to Paul McCartney's hard rocking "Live and Let Die," Duran Duran's synthy "A View to a Kill" to Tina Turner's slinky "Goldeneye," the track designated ...

  • Sony releases Adele's new James Bond theme, 'Skyfall'

    After months of speculation, it was made official this week that Grammy winning sensation Adele would be the latest musical artist to lend her voice to the opening theme of one of the world's most popular film franchises.

  • 'Skyfall' home MGM has sole CEO after Roger Birnbaum's resignation

    The departure leaves Birnbaum's longtime partner Gary Barber as sole CEO of the Beverly Hills company, home of the upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall" and "Lord of the Rings" prequel "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey." Birnbaum and Barber have ...

  • 'Skyfall' teaser review: What the 30 seconds of Adele's James Bond theme song ...

    "I was a little hesitant at first to be involved with the theme song for 'Skyfall,'" the multi-platinum selling diva said in a statement.

  • Photos: Holly Madison unveils 007 'Skyfall' tuxedo at Planet Hollywood

    Holly Madison unveils the Tom Ford tuxedo worn by Daniel Craig in the next James Bond film "Skyfall" at Planet Hollywood in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace on Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012.

  • James Bond at 50: How Adele's "Skyfall" Measures Up to the Classic Bond ...

    "Skyfall" Is the Best Bond Song Since: Chris Cornell's quite-fine, if "Livin' La Vida"-y "You Know My Name" from Craig's Casino Royale.

  • Adele's James Bond Theme Song 'Skyfall' Leaks Online

    British singer Adele is set to release her theme song for the coming James Bond movie "Skyfall" on Friday, but apparently the track has already leaked online.

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