Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Resident Evil 6

  • Resident Evil 6, by Capcom, Makes Its Debut

    So it would have been reasonable to assume that Resident Evil 6, the latest sequel to gaming's most successful horror series, had a shot at being good.


  • Assassin's Creed 3, Resident Evil 6: BIG Games

    Resident Evil 6 and Assassin's Creed 3 will be released on two disks due to sheer size. As the Angry Birds of the gaming industry and the proliferation of mobile entertainment take hold, it would seem we're heading into a video game future where all ...


  • Resident Evil 6′s science is not just for 'old men in tweed suits'

    Gamers aren't the only ones interested in the new Resident Evil 6 from Capcom - academics are dissecting its secrets, too.


  • Resident Evil 6 guide: Ten essential tips for surviving the C-Virus

    The world of Resident Evil 6 is a dangerous place, with zombies and J'avo lurking around every corner. Whether you're a seasoned BSAA operative or this is your first run-in with the Umbrella Corp, you'll need these tips in your armoury to help you ...


  • Sony kicks off Day 1 Digital promotion with 'Resident Evil 6' and 'NBA 2K13'

    Today the promotion is kicking off with two brand new games, "Resident Evil 6" and "NBA 2K13". The former is the newest game in the "Resident Evil" series, and even though it's getting middle of the road reviews we don't doubt many gamers are picking ...


  • Galleria Mall Gamestop delivers lackluster Resident Evil 6 midnight release

    It's supposed to stand out from any normal set of business hours, and the one I attended for Resident Evil 6 at the Galleria Mall Gamestop just left me feeling that the small box retailer had started to open 24-hour locations.


  • How to unlock characters and costumes in Resident Evil 6 Mercenaries mode

    Several new details have been revealed today in regards to the unlocking specific characters, costumes and stages in the Mercenaries mode of the multiplatform title, Resident Evil 6. Players will be able to unlock new content by playing through the ...


  • Maybe Resident Evil 6 Is Actually About A Bunch Of Crank Addicts

    But while it's something of a flight of fancy, the drug-addiction angle does say something valuable about the game: To Bernstein, Resident Evil 6 is a hectic mess of constant, nonsensical battles. Like drug addiction, the game is "a harrowing, endless ...


  • Resident Evil 6: A familiar stranger

    Being credited with solidifying the survival-horror genre, where does Resident Evil 6 take the series? Does its evolution take the game in an interesting and innovative direction?


  • US PS Store update: Sonic, NiGHTS, Resident Evil 6

    This week also kicks off Sony's new Day 1 Digital release program, with the digital release of Resident Evil 6, and the opening of digital pre-orders for Assassin's Creed 3. And for Vita owners, New Little King's Story is out now, along with a long ...


  • 'Resident Evil 6' PS3 downloads cause game-crashing bug in Europe

    European players who pre-purchased Resident Evil 6 digitally on PlayStation 3 are having difficulty downloading and running the title, according to a thread on the PlayStation EU forums.


  • 'Resident Evil 6′: Initial Impressions

    I have little doubt Resident Evil 6 will move a lot of games. If nothing else, Capcom makes sure you get a lot of game for your $60.


  • Lure Nightclub Hosts The Resident Evil 6 Launch Party

    Musical guests Nas and Miles Mosely joined Hollywood's hottest celebs as they took over Lure Nightclub in Los Angeles on Friday, September 28th at Capcom's party celebrating the launch of the highly-anticipated video game Resident Evil 6 in conjunction ...


  • Resident Evil 6: Five Things that Rock, Two that Suck

    Resident Evil 6 is finally upon us. Over the last week I've been playing the game whenever I've had moments to spare, and I'm still a long ways from completing what Capcom has to offer this time out.


  • Resident Evil 6 Poor Review Scores Lament QTEs, Michael Bay-Style Action

    GameSpot's review of Resident Evil 6 was almost an ideological carbon copy of Destructoid's review, though they were slightly more generous, offering up a 4.5 out of 10 to the review gods.


  • 'Resident Evil 6' Review: Putting The Action Back In Action Horror

    What has already been a stellar year for horror fans is about to get even better with the long awaited Resident Evil 6. Capcom's "throw everything and see what sticks" approach has resulted in four different campaigns that practically feel like their ...


  • Resident Evil 6 Copy Stolen at Gunpoint After Pre-Release Party

    A gamer in Virginia who waited until the wee hours of the morning to buy their copy of Resident Evil 6 lost it at the hands of two robbers.


  • 'Resident Evil 6' review (Xbox 360): Entertaining survival horror

    Resident Evil 6 is the follow-up to a release that abandoned the series' traditional survival horror scares in favor of an action-packed, co-operative adventure.


  • Resident Evil 6 Infinite Ammo Option Makes It Easy For Casuals

    If you're afraid of stepping into Resident Evil 6 because it seems too scary, or potentially stepping into the game for the very first time, you may not want to experience all the horror and terror the way it was intended to be experienced.


  • Xbox 360 Review - 'Resident Evil 6'

    I'm having a hard time separating Resident Evil 6 from the controversy that surrounds it. Ever since March, when one of the game's producers went on record as saying that they'd like to break off a chunk of the Call of Duty audience, the online ...


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