Thursday, October 4, 2012

Presidential debate

  • Presidential debate 101: Is Romney right about $716 billion in Medicare cuts?

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Obama participate in the first presidential debate at the University of Denver on Oct. 3. During the debate, Mr. Romney brought up Mr. Obama's plan to cut $716 billion from Medicare as part of ...

  • Presidential debate sets record on Twitter

    2012 - DENVER -- President Obama and Mitt Romney were a huge sensation on Twitter Wednesday night, generating a record 10.3 million tweets over the course of their 90-minute debate. It was the most tweeted event in political history, Twitter says, and ...

  • Romney's presidential debate performance boosts downballot hopes

    HENNIKER, N.H. -- Ovide Lamontagne, the Republican nominee for governor in New Hampshire, had to be concerned with a poll released this week that showed his party's presidential nominee trailing by 15 points in the battleground state. Then came ...

  • Presidential debate: A lackluster Obama, a revived Romney

    It always comes as a surprise, but incumbent presidents tend not to do very well in formal campaign debates. Gerald Ford stumbled against Jimmy Carter in 1976, Carter was pummeled by Ronald Reagan in 1980, Reagan fumbled in his first try in 1984, and ...

  • Presidential debate: Two candidates on stage, two different ones on campaign trail

    DENVER - Wednesday's presidential debate was a tale of four candidates: the two men who stood on the stage for 90 minutes and the two rivals Americans have seen for months on the campaign trail and in television commercials.

  • Aurora shooting survivor disappointed by no gun control talk at presidential ...

    Aurora shooting survivor Stephen Barton thinks the real loser in Wednesday night's presidential debate was the American people.

  • Presidential Debate: Bye-Bye Big Bird, Hello 'Obamacare'!

    Although we've been hearing a lot about politics in the past few months, particularly after the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the presidential race kicked into high gear Wednesday night (October 3) with the first televised debate ...

  • First Presidential Debate: Apparently, This Housing Crisis Is Over

    If I had a housing-debate bingo card, I would have tossed it out halfway through the debate. In the only debate focused solely on domestic policy, the candidates never mentioned foreclosures, refinancing, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac. Instead, Romney ...

  • The presidential debate and the independent voter

    Oct. 4, 2012. Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post's resident fact checker, examines some key points in the first presidential debate, while independent voters discuss whether the candidates were able to win their votes. The Fold/ The Washington Post ...

  • KitchenAid apologizes for "irresponsible tweet" during presidential debate

    KitchenAid, the iconic home appliance brand, issued an apology soon after a staffer posted an offensive tweet from the company's official account.

  • Presidential Debate: Spain Shocked after Diss by Mitt Romney

    Its latest setback: a diss by presidential candidate Mitt Romney. "Spain spends 42 percent of their total economy on government.

  • The second 'Lincoln' clip is so strong that it won last night's presidential ...

    (DreamWorks - VIA REUTERS) Americans seem to agree that the first presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was pretty boring, except for that part where Abraham Lincoln showed up.

  • Presidential debate on entitlement programs

    Congress and Obama agreed that those drastic deficit-cutting measures would take effect in January unless lawmakers and the president worked out and approved other proposals in the meantime. That intense debate will resume in earnest almost ...

  • In the Presidential Debate, Immigration Stayed in the Shadows

    Immigration -- one of the dominant issues in the GOP primary, the GOP platform, as well as the Democratic National Convention - didn't come up at all in the first presidential debate Wednesday. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, the Illinois Democrat who is chair of ...

  • Translating the Big Topics in the Presidential Debate

    Never mind what the political pundits are saying about who "won" or "lost" last night's presidential debate. What really matters for people in their 50s and 60s is what President Barack Obama and the Republican candidate, Gov.

  • Presidential Debate: Romney's $90 Billion Untruth

    About the only substantive mention of U.S. energy policy made during last night's Presidential debates was Mitt Romney's description of the Department of Energy's support of renewable energy, in which he charged that the Obama administration had plowed ...

  • Presidential Debate Ratings Are Up over 2008. No, Really.

    Maybe us cynical political sourpusses need to find a new narrative, too. More people watched last night's debate than watched Barack Obama and John McCain duke it out over our last most important election in the history of America.

  • Swing voters the presidential debate forgot: veterans

    Washington. There were no mentions of America's veterans during Wednesday night's presidential debate, a point that frustrates former US troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • After the presidential debate: How to close the voting gap among low-income ...

    After last night's presidential debate, voter turnout is top of mind for the Mitt Romney and President Obama campaigns.

  • Locals Surprised Over First Presidential Debate

    The overwhelming opinion from local voters on the day after the first Presidential Debate falls in line with the rest of the nation.

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