Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Presidential debate

  • 2012 Presidential Debate: Best & Worst!

    The brightly colored ties were on and the gloves were off as President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney embarked on the first of three presidential debates. It's up to the policy wonks, body-language experts and cable-news pundits ...

  • Presidential Debate: Bye-Bye Big Bird, Hello 'Obamacare'!

    Although we've been hearing a lot about politics in the past few months, particularly after the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, the presidential race kicked into high gear Wednesday night (October 3) with the first televised debate ...

  • Presidential Debate: A Guide to the Debate and Some History

    If the Obama's campaign talking points pop up in the debate, the president may well make reference to Romney's controversial "47 percent" remark, captured in a leaked video of a fundraiser earlier this year, where the Republican candidate said that was ...

  • First presidential debate: Mitt Romney's closing remarks

    GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivers closing remarks as the first presidential debate Wednesday night came to a close.

  • Presidential debate: Mitt Romney tells his share of whoppers, but takes the ...

    And in addition to everything else he did after being a kid copyboy at the old New York Herald Tribune, he produced the first televised Presidential debate, Kennedy vs. Nixon, 1960. There was a time, a couple of years before he died, when we were ...

  • Analysis: In first presidential debate, Romney is aggressor, Obama is careful ...

    WASHINGTON - Challenger Mitt Romney used Wednesday's debate to put President Barack Obama on the defensive on health care, jobs and other issues.

  • Fact Checking the Presidential Debate in Denver

    Romney worked with the legislature yes, but he spearheaded two parts of it that are essential to the president's plan: the individual mandate and the health care exchanges.

  • Google+Hangout: Economy and the presidential debate

    This will be the first in what we hope to make a series of discussions on the most important issues tackled by the two presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and President Obama during each presidential debate. On Wednesday, the candidates will focus on ...

  • Mitt Romney scores points in presidential debate, but will it help him?

    Mitt Romney came into the first presidential debate on the attack, aggressively pushing Obama on job creation, the economy, and healthcare, and making his best effort to reverse the trends of the polls and perceptions that he cares more about upper ...

  • Twitter jumps the shark during debate

    Wednesday's presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney made this conflict more acute than at any other point during this campaign, it seemed.

  • Presidential debate skips talk on gun violence

    DENVER (AP) - The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says the presidential candidates missed an opportunity to address guns in their debate at the University of Denver. The campaign and members of eight families who lost relatives in the Aurora ...

  • Romney, Obama tangle over health care reform law in first presidential debate

    DENVER - Republican Mitt Romney is vowing to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law, saying it adds costs to the health system and has led to Medicare cuts.

  • Presidential debate: the questions they should (but won't) ask Obama, Romney

    President Obama: Last December, in a speech you gave in Osawatomie, Kansas, you noted that in the last few decades the average income of the top 1 percent has gone up by more than 250 percent, to $1.2 million per year.

  • Some takeaways from the first presidential debate

    Some notable moments from the first presidential debate Wednesday night between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, just 34 days before the Nov. 6 election.

  • Watch: Presidential Debate Presents Fiery, Much More Promising Extended TV ...

    Watch: Presidential Debate Presents Fiery, Much More Promising Extended TV Spot For 'Lincoln'. News. by Kevin Jagernauth Wed Oct 03 23:15:02 EDT 2012 2 Comments.

  • Presidential debate sponsors drop over exclusion of Gary Johnson

    While the Commission on Presidential Debates rules require that candidates must have at least 15 percent of the vote in national polls, Philips Electronics, the YWCA and British advertising firm BBH New York have all withdrawn their sponsorships over ...

  • First-ever televised presidential debate: 52 years later, will tonight matter?

    During the first televised presidential debates in 1960, a cool John F. Kennedy went toe-to-toe with a sweaty Vice President Richard M. Nixon.

  • Presidential debate: 7 questions that should be asked … and probably won't

    Today's presidential debate in Denver on domestic policy will hit six topics over the course of an hour and a half. Moderator Jim Lehrer of the PBS NewsHour can't possibly get in all the questions on the minds of Americans.

  • Presidential Debate Live Streaming Online (VIDEO)

    ... Presidential Debate Live Streaming Online, Presidential Debate Live Video, Romney Obama Debate, Politics News.

  • Presidential debate must focus on issues, not rhetoric

    On Wednesday, voters will get their first opportunity to see the candidates for president stand side by side to talk about the issues in this year's election -- and the issues that will likely be facing the country for years to come.

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