Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Presidential debate

  • Presidential debate 101: Does US military still use horses and bayonets?

    This question arises because of President Obama's riposte against Mitt Romney on defense budgets in Monday night's presidential debate. At one point Romney charged that the US Navy is now smaller than at any time since 1916. Obama came back with a ...


  • Why Do College Campuses Have a Monopoly on Presidential Debates?

    The Commission on Presidential Debates, or CPD, publishes the requirements for host sites nearly two years before the first debate.


  • The third presidential debate in graphs

    They say that to know who won a debate, you should watch with the sound off. But how about if you want to know how many times Iran was mentioned versus how many times China was mentioned?


  • Final Presidential Debate Fact-Check

    THE FACTS: Romney has indeed repeatedly and wrongly accused the president of traveling the world early in his presidency and apologizing for U.S. behavior. Obama didn't say "sorry" in those travels. But in this debate, Romney at last explained the ...


  • During the Presidential Debate, Silence on Libya

    Libya: That was the first issue Bob Schieffer asked the candidates about in Monday night's presidential debate, referring to the attack last month against the U.S.


  • Presidential Debate: Guantanamo Prisoners Tune In For Obama-Romney ...

    GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba, Oct 23 (Reuters) - A few dozen Guantanamo prisoners were among the millions who tuned in for the U.S.


  • Presidential Debate: Neocons Laud Romney's Performance

    But that didn't stop Romney's more hawkish supporters from lauding his performance in the last of three presidential debates, whose focus was foreign policy. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and chairman of the neoconservative group Project ...


  • Presidential debate: Obama and Romney almost word-for-word same on Syria

    But that question is also extremely difficult, which may help explain why neither President Obama nor Mitt Romney was able to draw much of a contrast during Monday night's foreign policy debate. Just how similar were the two candidates' statements on ...


  • NBC's 'Voice' top series on Monday

    By Rick Kissell. NBC's "The Voice" was the top entertainment series Monday, a night that included big live events like the third and final presidential debate, "Monday Night Football" and a deciding game of baseball's National League Championship Series.


  • Few seemed swayed by final presidential debate

    With the baseball playoffs and Monday Night Football to compete with, even free pizza and soda couldn't entice more than a handful of students to the Tulane University Political Science Department's viewing party for the final presidential debate. And ...


  • Fox sets viewership record with 3rd presidential debate

    ... in Boca Raton, Fla. Pool-Win McNamee, Associated Press. Enlarge photo». Summary. The third debate between President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney stands as the most-watched telecast ever on Fox News Channel. You might also like ...


  • Final presidential debate is tonight in Chicago

    Last night we experienced the second to last presidential debate in Boca Raton, Florida at Lynn University between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


  • Israel & US relationship is key topic of 3rd presidential debate

    (BP) -- Israel was a key focus of the third and final presidential debate Oct. 22 with both candidates expressing solidarity with the United States' main ally in the Middle East particularly as it faces an increasing threat from a nuclear Iran ...


  • Final Presidential Debate Drew 53.9 Million TV Viewers

    Last night's final presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney averaged about 53.9 million viewers on six television networks, including a record 11.5 million on cable's Fox News.


  • Fact-checking the final presidential debate

    Fact-checking the final presidential debate. Fact-checking the final presidential debate. Personal Post · Email · Tumblr · Reddit · Stumbleupon · Digg · Delicious.


  • Lindsay Lohan's Obama tweet during presidential debate confuses fans

    Lindsay Lohan seemed to support Mitt Romney for president just weeks ago, but a Lohan Obama tweet the actress fired off during the third and final presidential debate Monday night seemed to show a change of heart. A few minutes later, though, the "Liz ...


  • Presidential Debate Sucked for Libertarians

    He thanked us all for being there, and noted that the commission faces some challenges. In particular, he said, "I'm going to tell you a secret:" just that morning, a restraining order, filed by a third-party candidate who wasn't invited to the debates ...


  • Presidential debate: After foreign-policy moment, it's back to Ohio

    Monday night's third and final debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney focused on foreign policy, but the candidates' forays into domestic affairs reflected two truths about the 2012 race: that voters see the US economy as ...


  • 2nd opposition Presidential debate announced, playoff to decide participants

    The organization coordinating tonight's Presidential debate that invited all 6 eligible candidates, and will feature 4 of them, has announced a second Presidential debate scheduled for next week. Debate organizers have announced that the first debate's ...


  • Ratings: How Many Tuned in for the Final Presidential Debate?

    Monday's presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney marked the final time the opponents will confront each other before the upcoming election.


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