Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pirate Bay

  • Pirate Bay outage: Popular torrent website explains cause of temporary outage ...

    NEW YORK -- Popular torrent hub The Pirate Bay suffered an extended outage on Monday and Tuesday, coinciding with a government raid on its former Web hosting service.

  • Pirate Bay Downtime Provoke Hackers To Strike Back?

    ... Board of Health and Welfare. Both sites are running again. PRQ Head Mikael Viborg says his company previously hosted servers for file-sharing site the Pirate Bay and still houses some servers for the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks. Earlier on ...

  • Republicans Run Pirate Bay Skyscraper Ad Campaign

    With millions of users every day The Pirate Bay is an ideal site to reach tech savvy people all around the world. The power of this online platform is used by many advertisers to target customers, and not just those looking for a Russian bride either ...

  • Evasive action: How The Pirate Bay four dodged Swedish justice—for a while

    On April 17, 2009, the four Swedish men behind file-sharing hub The Pirate Bay (TPB)—Fredrik "tiamo" Neij, Peter "brokep" Sunde, Gottfrid "anakata" Svartholm Warg, and their original financial backer Carl Lundström—were found guilty of aiding ...

  • Pirate Bay outage: Pirate Bay website explains temporary outage, website now ...

    NEW YORK -- Popular torrent hub The Pirate Bay suffered an extended outage on Monday and Tuesday, coinciding with a government raid on its former Web hosting service.

  • Former Pirate Bay hoster raided, and shut down by DDoS attack

    IDG News Service - Former Pirate Bay host went down in the middle of a police raid on Monday, affecting hundreds of hosted sites and thousands of users of PRQ's other services.

  • Canada's stimulus plan advertised on The Pirate Bay

    It's not clear how the banners, bearing the tagline "Find out what's in it for you," wound up on The Pirate Bay alongside low-rent ads for gambling businesses, dating sites, "Find a Chinese bride" services, and the like. The Citizen contacted the ...

  • Did The Pirate Bay Really Go Down Because of a Power Failure?

    Update: The Pirate Bay is back online once again. It doesn't surprise us that the same torrent site that has considered moving their servers into airbone drones is extremely resilient.

  • Pirate Bay founder's detained for tax hack investigation

    Pirate Bay founder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg will remain in detention for at least two more weeks while Swedish prosecutors investigate his alleged involvement in the hacking of IT company Logica, a Swedish court ruled Friday.

  • Pirate Bay Outage Similar To Demonoid; Anonymous Retaliates [VIDEO]

    Following the takedown of Pirate Bay, and other BitTorrent download sites, the cyber-terrorist or hacktivist group Anonymous issued Operation Pirate Bay (Video Below). Claiming that this is "a crime against freedom of information," Anonymous member ...

  • The Pirate Bay: Man Prosecuted For Releasing Beyonce Album '4' Early on File ...

    The man who released Beyonce's new album on The Pirate Bay apparently worked in the music industry. He released it on June 8th, when the artist was planning the release for June 24th.

  • Pirate Bay website goes down; Anonymous retaliates

    New Delhi: The popular torrent website The Pirate Bay is unaccessible following a raid on the Swedish hosting company PRQ by the Swedish government on Monday.

  • The Pirate Bay Did Not Get Shut Down

    The Pirate Bay went down for quite some time today. Whenever the site goes down for more than five minutes, people begin to fear the worst.

  • Unique Pirate Bay Case Sees Prosecution for Beyonce Pre-Release

    But this week sees a change and what could become a turning point, with the prosecution of a music industry worker who leaked an unreleased Beyonce album onto The Pirate Bay. On Monday a man was sued for copyright infringement. He is suspected of ...

  • Pirate Bay site sinks, Swedish police raid its ISP

    Rumors are flying after the Pirate Bay's website took a dive on Monday just as news broke of a raid by Swedish police on its hosting company PRQ - but the group says the two facts are not related.

  • Pirate Bay founder detained in Sweden without charges - could Julian Assange ...

    A notorious file-sharing web site, Pirate Bay was shut down for most of the day on Monday after Swedish police reportedly raided PRQ, the server for Pirate Bay, and seized four of its servers in Stockholm, according to Forbes Magazine. The free-speech ...

  • The Pirate Bay outage and ADSL traffic in SA

    The Pirate Bay (TPB) is currently experiencing an extended outage which is caused by a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) failure, but this downtime does not have an impact on peer to peer (P2P) torrent traffic.

  • Shady WikiLeaks and Pirate Bay Web Host PRQ Has Been Raided

    The Swedish web host PeRiQuito AB, PRQ, is one of the most controversial web hosts on the planet, valuing free speech so highly that it serves up web content for Pirate Bay, WikiLeaks and even sites like Yesterday, though, Swedish police ...

  • The Pirate Bay Is Down, but Not Dead. Just Experiencing Power Failure

    God…it seems more and more likely every day that The Pirate Bay will get shut down. First it was Megaupload which pretty much everyone used to share file links, then it was Demonoid which was my first torrent site ever… and if Pirate Bay goes down ...

  • Pirate Bay founder still in jail without any charges

    Gottfrid Svartholm, co-founder of the once-popular torrent tracker The Pirate Bay, is still being held in jail for at least two more weeks because he is suspected of hacking into a Swedish IT company.

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