Tuesday, October 23, 2012


  • Minecraft PC release pushed back slightly as 1.4.1 pre-release patch is sent out

    The new release date for the Minecraft 1.4 update was pushed from Wednesday to Thursday, October 25. Developer Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams described the bug that was causing mobs to suffocate and fall through wooden floors a "doozy" on Twitter.


  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition patch for 1.8.2 coming, fixes golden apples and more

    4J Studios didn't take much time off to celebrate the release of the 1.8.2 "Adventure Mode" update for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. The developer revealed Monday that it is already fixing the list of bugs that users have found in the open world sandbox ...


  • 'Gangnam Style' invades 'Minecraft' with extraordinary music video creation

    We all know the popularity that the music video, "Gangnam Style" by PSY, has received since it was initially released on July 15, 2012.


  • Why Does Minecraft Run Like Garbage? Do I Blame Mojang Or Java?

    As you are well aware, we host a Minecraft server here at FleshEatingZipper and we've been documenting some of its progress.


  • Here's Some Multiplayer Test Footage from "0x10c," the Next Game from the ...

    Minecraft creator Notch has been hard at work all year on his next game, an ambitious sci-fi project called 0x10c. We still don't fully undestand what it is, but that's to be expected—imagine if someone had tried to explain Minecraft to you while that ...


  • Reddit, Minecraft, Foursquare, more down due to Amazon fault

    As a result, sites including Reddit, Minecraft, Foursquare, Flipboard and Airbnb have experienced downtime today (October 22).


  • The Top 13 Mario-Inspired Minecraft Builds

    Mario is video games. So it makes sense that budding Minecraft players and veteran Minecraft elites alike both enjoy recreating characters, moments and levels from Nintendo's flagship franchise.


  • 'Minecraft Style' - Gamers Get Their Own 'Gangnam Style' Spoof (VIDEO)

    Sadly, however, we're only occasional gamers, partly due to the large amount of time we have to spend looking for amusing videos on YouTube.


  • GameCity7: Five Must Play Games

    There are homemade indie games on display, like the wonderful Winter Walk, and bigger, more established brands like Minecraft, which is available to play for free all day in the festival's main tent. Over its seven day run time, GameCity7 plays host to ...


  • 'Minecraft' update 1.4 pre-release launched, 'Pretty Scary Update' next week

    The release of the much-anticipated "Pretty Scary Update" for "Minecraft," of which is shown in the slide-show above, is almost upon us.


  • The 25 best Minecraft custom maps

    Custom maps were never an intended feature of Minecraft, but inevitably in a game based around creation, people wanted to show off their handiwork.


  • 'Minecraft' receives two new snapshots, 'Far Cry 3' themed content announced

    Mojang is currently in the process of developing a major update for the PC version of "Minecraft," of which will be entitled the "Pretty Scary Update.


  • Far Cry 3 Getting Minecraft-Inspired Game Promo

    Minecraft and Far Cry 3 are about to get smashed together via a new promo for Ubisfot's shooter which will enable gamers to "explore and survive the Minecraft experience through the warped lens of Far Cry 3". The free "Minecraft-inspired" PC game will ...


  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition: How to grow giant mushrooms

    One of the items added in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with the 1.8.2 "Adventure Update" that 4J Studios did not mention was giant mushrooms.


  • How to Spike Video Views via Special Channel Events - A Look at Captain ...

    Captain Sparklez has a channel that is pretty much dedicated to showing him play Minecraft. He gets a great amount of views just from that, usually in the hundreds of thousands.


  • Minecraft 1.4 update (Pretty Scary Update) Pre-release available now (PC)

    The Minecraft 1.4 update dubbed the "Pretty Scary Update" will be available on October 24th. However untill then there is a pre-release of the 1.4 Mincreaft update available now to download.


  • Minecraft PC 'Pretty Scary' 1.4 update now available as pre-release

    The PC version of Minecraft has received a flurry of "snapshot" updates with new additions and fixes over the past couple of months to get ready for the official release of the 1.4 update.


  • The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

    Minecraft - Pocket Edition (Mojang) 5. Facebomb (Iddiction) 6. True Skate (True Axis) 7. Plague Inc. (Ndemic Creations) 8. TETRIS (Electronic Arts) 9. Angry Birds Space (Rovio Entertainment Ltd) 10.


  • Minecraft 1.4 coming soon, pre-release available now

    Just a few days after Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition received its 1.8.2 update, Minecraft PC sees the pre-release of 1.4, also known as the "Pretty Scary Update.


  • Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 3 now available to download

    Skin Pack 3 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition snuck out early Wednesday after initially given a Friday release date. The collection of skins from Half-Life, Portal, Awesomenauts, Left4Dead2 and various indie titles are all available to purchase and ...


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