Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kara Alongi

  • Kara Alongi: Missing teen an example of Twitter use or abuse?

    Kara Alongi, the missing teen who used Twitter to say there were intruders in her home, was seen in surveillance video buying a ticket at the Rahway N.J.

  • Kara Alongi still missing: Her prank could cause a co-conspirator major trouble

    Kara Alongi, the missing N.J. teen that tweeted to her Twitter followers that someone was in her house and could they please call 911 on her behalf, has still not been located despite the disclosure the tweet was a big hoax.

  • Kara Alongi's runaway case similar to thousands of other missing teens

    CLARK - In some ways, Kara Alongi's case is unique. Her tweet - "There is someone in my hour ecall 911," - and subsequent disappearance went viral, earning her national attention.

  • Kara Alongi: The girl that tweeted wolf

    When Kara Alongi, 16, from Clark, N.J. posted on Twitter around 6:30 p.m. on Saturday that someone one was in her house and to call 911, the Twitter community sprang into action.

  • Kara Alongi Should be Ashamed of Herself

    Sixteen-year-old Kara Alongi made international headlines yesterday when she tweeted that someone was in her home, and for her Twitter followers to call 911.

  • Kara Alongi Twitter hoax shows social media's affect on missing person cases

    Kara Alongi's tweet on Sunday night at 6:12 p.m. - "There is somone in my hour ecall 911" - created a panic that touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who retweeted the message over and over again.

  • Police: Kara Alongi's Twitter hoax sparked a social media flurry that ...

    Clark police received 6,000 calls in about 12 hours about Kara Alongi. That's more than the total number of households in the small Union County municipality.

  • Missing NJ teen Kara Alongi's tweet fueled by Twitter's rapid life cycle

    CLARK - Kara Alongi's message pleading for help made her an instant celebrity. On Twitter, people around the world shared that she was missing.

  • NJ teen Kara Alongi still missing, family pleads for her return

    CLARK - Kara Alongi, the Clark teen who authorities believe fabricated her disappearance via a Sunday night tweet, is still missing, police said this morning.

  • Kara Alongi: NJ teen goes missing after tweeting about an alleged home ...

    (CBS/AP) CLARK, N.J. - Police said they don't believe missing New Jersey teen Kara Alongi who tweeted about an intruder in her home is in any physical danger, The Star-Ledger of Newark reports.

  • Kara Alongi, Missing N.J. Teen, May Have Hoaxed Distress Tweet

    Kara Alongi's disappearance is now being investigated as that of a runaway juvenile. Kara Alongi. Her parents returned home around 7:20 p.m.

  • Kara Alongi, missing NJ teen, bought train ticket on day she asked for help

    Kara Alongi gained hundreds of followers after asking people on Twitter to call 911 Sunday. However, the evidence so far points toward the 16-year-old being an apparent runaway.

  • Missing N.J. teen Kara Alongi's tweet was hoax, police say

    Kara Alongi's disappearance is now being investigated as that of a runaway juvenile, Clark police chief Alan Scherb said.

  • Kara Alongi Sighted

    Missing teen Kara Alongi has been sighted on surveillance camera captured at the railway station where she was dropped off by a taxi.

  • Kara Alongi: Missing NJ teen's tweet about home intruder was a hoax, police say

    (CBS/AP) CLARK, N.J. - Authorities say it appears that missing N.J. teen Kara Alongi's Sunday evening tweet about a home intruder was a hoax.

  • Kara Alongi: Missing Girl Ran Away, Say Cops

    When a 16-year old New Jersey girl tweeted that someone was in her house–and then subsequently disappeared–the social media world went into a panic, making #helpfindkara trend in a matter of minutes on Twitter.

  • Clark, N.J. teen Kara Alongi still missing after Twitter kidnapping hoax

    16-year-old Kara Alongi of Clark posted on Twitter Sunday that an intruder was in her home, and asked followers to call 911.

  • Mark in the Morning: Forget uproar over tweet; Kara Alongi is still missing

    As of this writing, Kara Alongi, the Clark girl whose distressed 911 tweet spawned thousands of posts tagged "helpfindKara," is still missing.

  • Here's A Photo Of Twitter Abduction Hoaxster Kara Alongi Not Getting Abducted

    If there were any doubt that the girl who caused a commotion in Twitter-town over the weekend wasn't completely full of shit when she claimed someone was in her house and asked people to call 9-1-1, above is a surveillance photo of the girl taken just ...

  • Kara Alongi Still Missing: Teen Who Faked Her Own Kidnapping Takes Train to ...

    Kara Alongi, the 16-year-old Clark, New Jersey girl who faked her own kidnapping and ran away from home, may be in New York.

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